Coming soon to a kitchen near you…

This July.. if you only have one internet bake off… let it be this one… (Read on!) Hello dear people. Welcome to the world of ‘This is what happens to my blog when I genuinely do stuff’… i.e. abandonment. Have been good and busy on the wards/in theatre (yay!) and studying for final osce of … Continue reading

A day at the GAA

A day at the GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Or G.A.A as those less farmery pronounce it. But really is the Gaah. Traditionally the typical gah day can go one of two ways. A blaring sun shining down on a pitch packed with supporters, everybody looking nicely burned and sweaty to boot, and the crowd shouting themselves hoarse at … Continue reading

In preparation for a twizzaparty

It began with a random few tweets about how everybody is in the pizza making mood these days. Then the suggestion of a twitter based pizza party… And it became reality with the first #twizzaparty (of many perhaps?). I know that the people involved have all put in quite the effort over the last few … Continue reading

Hi. Remember me?

Exams are over! Hurrah, Hooray, all other words that mean similar. That’s not to say they were fantastic now, but sure what can you do. I got a bit unlucky with the old questions, and as lovely as schistosomiasis sounds, it’s not my specialty area. It’s just not as rotten as Amoebiasis, and thus less … Continue reading


I’ve been terrible for posting the last week. This is due to the next 10 or 12 days being the absolute worst time of the year. Why, you ask? I will tell you why. Exam time. Creates demented students. Deranged bumbling mushy-brained positively unhinged zombie people. Can only talk in medical speak. And even then … Continue reading

Photo of the Day 07

Cos it’s been a farmery day, and this is representative of that. Which I shall describe in detail at a later date as am really quite tired today. But probably have a pet lamb now. Super cute tho. A pandalamb :)Will get a pic tomorrow as is intent on following me around. Basic story is … Continue reading

Proof of Gelato…

This is taken on my phone as was too lazy to find proper camera but: What’s more, it’s the real deal. Italian recipe from my Italian Mammy (i.e. the one who I lived with for a few weeks in Italy). I made it with 70% chocolate and it’s chocolatey heaven. And I shall share that … Continue reading

Photo of the day 04

Another of my favourite oldies: I do believe I was attempting to say something to the tune of ‘Ah here, you with the city accent, I’ll show you how that’s done. (Alternatively, ‘Out of the way Boy, I’ll show you how it’s done’) You in the dress, get back from these, this is no place … Continue reading

Here’s the update:

Right. So I have entered study weeks, and therefore I may not be as active online. I kinda broke up with the internet today. We’re still friends tho. We were going through a rough patch though, what with its constant ‘page not found’. So we’re just going to have some time apart. I will, however, … Continue reading