Coming soon to a kitchen near you…

This July.. if you only have one internet bake off… let it be this one… (Read on!)

Hello dear people. Welcome to the world of ‘This is what happens to my blog when I genuinely do stuff’… i.e. abandonment. Have been good and busy on the wards/in theatre (yay!) and studying for final osce of the year, so have yet again neglected blog (Osce = over stressful crazy exam. Or observed structural clinical exams. Whichever you prefer). Post weekend I’ll be back in action. In the meantime, you must prepare…

Letting suspense mount…

Bit more..

Prepare for what you ask?


Prepare for the first Friday in July. For on this Friday things will be happening in the kitchens of the magnificent Irish foodies. There will be smells. Glorious smells. There will be chocolate chips. Sugar. Nuts. Perhaps fruit. Who knows, given the guestlist (ahem @Dailyspud) there may even be potatoes. But probably not. But there will be a helluvalotta yumminess going on. It is the cookie bake-off, aptly dubbed the twookieparty! (Don’t knock it til ya try it). The lovely Kristen over at DinnerduJour came up with this idea and let me just thank her from the bottom of my heart. Actually my heart may not be happy with this choice. I think the next #irishfoodies internet based eatathon is gonna have to be a healthy one at this rate. I shall have the cardiologists after me. Not to mention the endocrinologists if the amount of sugar I use is anything to go by. On that note, I am not eating my cookies so please see me on Saturday 3rd of July for free cookies. OK?

Anyhow, anybody and everybody can join in. So please do! Any cookie or bickie you would like to make, send pics to facebook (see my fb page over there —->)/twitter etc. I think for the sake of those not on twitter I might open up a comments page where you can keep updates coming in..

So you have been aptly warned.

If you ain’t taking part and you know where I live (in a non threatening/stalker way) please do give me a shout for freshly baked cookies.

I cannot wait 🙂

Comment if you are in it to win it!

Also: Have a piccyture!

8 thoughts on “Coming soon to a kitchen near you…

  1. I’m in! Having a terrible time deciding what I want to bake though. Just found my cookie cook book, full of lots of delicious recipes, plus there are some really nice Danish ones, but I have made most of them before.


  2. I’m working a 12 hour day at the moment, so a Friday bake-a-thon is sadly out of the picture for me 😦

    That said, I have a need to bake the weekend before, so I might just strategically hold off showing my wares until the friday – participating in spirit rather than fact!

  3. Flip it I’m out. I want to say I’m in but the next morning is my first farmers market so as ye bake I’ll probably be having a fight with raffia ribbon!

  4. I’m in! I have a busy evening but I can definitely bake some cookies 🙂 Going to make some vegan cookies.
    Aoife Daily Spud – oh wow imagine a savoury cookie with potato…?! You’re the only woman who could do it!


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