Great Pink Run? Done!

So the reason I have been ridiculous with this whole blog shenanigans is that every last second of my time has been taken up with Colaiste and with running. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started running with Run with Tina. Now as you MAAAY have noticed I am a procrastinator. So I … Continue reading

The update

Hello all. First up, I am tremendously busy over the next two weeks so expect a temporary lull. When I get a chance I’ll pop up the Irish Traditional food cookalong recipes. There is Soda bread, a nice butter making tutorial, slow roasted lamb (straight from the farm) with rosemary, and colcannon. And a strawberry … Continue reading

Best Sounding Medical Terms/Jargon etc

Just when you thought you had heard it all.. Part 2 of the best sounding medical terms/jargon comes your way. Well I never! Julie supplied a few of these, a muse she is. Ependymoma Sounds like: Something you should be saying in a southern country accent (Well that’s just an ependyyyyyyymoma of a problem there … Continue reading


I’ve been terrible for posting the last week. This is due to the next 10 or 12 days being the absolute worst time of the year. Why, you ask? I will tell you why. Exam time. Creates demented students. Deranged bumbling mushy-brained positively unhinged zombie people. Can only talk in medical speak. And even then … Continue reading