Hi. Remember me?

Exams are over! Hurrah, Hooray, all other words that mean similar.

That’s not to say they were fantastic now, but sure what can you do. I got a bit unlucky with the old questions, and as lovely as schistosomiasis sounds, it’s not my specialty area. It’s just not as rotten as Amoebiasis, and thus less memorable. I dare you to read up on that and ever look at ‘anchovy’ anything again. (If you’re into anchovies do not, I repeat, do NOT look that up). I also urge you not to look up what gives redcurrant jelly appearance.

Also, I do feel justified that my years of watching Law and Order SVU finally paid off with the forensics question, which was answered based on the workings of the SVU detectives on TV and Marys notes. Yay!

Anywho, on a lighter, less icky note, I can now get back to baking and cooking. Apart from the tight purse strings. So really it’s budget cooking. Sigh. I hate budgets… Recipes coming up!


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