In preparation for a twizzaparty

It began with a random few tweets about how everybody is in the pizza making mood these days. Then the suggestion of a twitter based pizza party… And it became reality with the first #twizzaparty (of many perhaps?). I know that the people involved have all put in quite the effort over the last few days with a number of us even making our pizza dough on Tuesday so that it ‘matures’ for want of a better word, and makes an extra yummy base 🙂

My prep:

Tuesday – Bought my ingredients, mainly more flour and copious amounts of cheese (Buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, normal boring mozzarella, goats cheese, feta cheese… I have a cheese problem) and some red onions, nyom.Went home – made dough. Kneaded dough with vigour until smooth. Went out to put in oiled dish. Saw unopened yeast on counter. Used many expletives and decided to not waste a double quantity of pizza dough, so mixed 2 packs of yeast with warm water (just a wee bit) and a small sprinkling of sugar. Kneaded it into dough with some extra flour. Put it in bowl, covered with a towel and left in a still warmish oven, crossed all fingers and toes and began my post exam house deep clean. It wasn’t pretty. It was really quite tiring. But house looks halfways decent now! (Only halfways). Dough rose (Hooray!) so punched in,  put into ziplock bags and into fridge!

Wednesday – (Hospital rotation starts) With the promise of Sushi and a send off to attend for our course co-ordinator, I knew I wouldn’t get much done. After an afternoon at Mary and co’s house,  said send off, deeeelightful sushi (I’m a convert now) and a quick Happy Birthday call to a classmate, I got the bus home and almost collapsed on arrival. But got up, cut up two onions, crying bucketfuls of tears in the process, and put them on to a low heat to caramelise, for I cannot have a pizza night in the absence of caramelised onions. In fact, if there is goats cheese in my house, there will be caramelised onions. No question. Finished hoovering and washed up while they were cooking!

Thursday – (Morning began with constant snooze button hits) Got off early and came home, straight for a nap, but gave up almost immediately when the thought came to me… Banoffee for dessert! So went to shop, got ingredients. Got wrong cream. Sigh. But my guests are saving me the trouble of going again by bringing it to me. Service, I tell ya. So got base done, into fridge. Decided should test dough in case giant failure, so took small bit and made test pizza. Test pizza yum.

Decided it was imperative that I make focaccia. I’m not sure why, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Took maaaany pictures. Ate some. To test it. For the good of my guests. Naturally. Nothing to do with the delicious smells that are wafting through my house…

You know what I love? This:

Phew. Now I am just waiting on water to heat up again and do my last few bits of washing up but in the meantime, updating you all. Just in case you’d like to know. With pretty pictures! Computer screaming critical battery at me, must be off.

Follow the twizzaparty on twitter tonight by searching.. eh… #twizzaparty! Who would have thought. From 5/6 on 🙂

2 thoughts on “In preparation for a twizzaparty

  1. now feeling totally inadequate!!! Crikey where did you get the energy to do all that. Both pizza and foccacia look so yummy *slinks off with head bowed to kitchen*

    • Nonsense! Had to link to your base recipe in comments of twizzaparty intro, looks so nice. love the honey idea, think will really add something to it 🙂

      Don’t hit the dough too hard now :p


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