Proof of Gelato…

This is taken on my phone as was too lazy to find proper camera but:

What’s more, it’s the real deal. Italian recipe from my Italian Mammy (i.e. the one who I lived with for a few weeks in Italy). I made it with 70% chocolate and it’s chocolatey heaven. And I shall share that recipe with you. But first go get yourself an ice-cream maker. You can’t make it without an ice-cream maker and don’t try.

8 thoughts on “Proof of Gelato…

  1. droooooool. slobbering like my St Bernard here. I got a voucher in the post today and planning a trip to buy that Magimix ice-cream machine now! Don’t forget now, you promised that recipe!

    • And it shall be done. Yeah that Kenwood one worked a charm for me! But had to freeze it for the whole night as yesterdays half assed attempt was a miserable failure. It was amazing watching it turn 🙂

  2. Every year, when the sun comes out, I get the yearning for an ice cream machine but small cottage kitchen + too many kitchen gadgets already has made me hold back. Till now. You’re not helping!

    • I’m sorry, too many kitchen gadgets?! Nooo, there is no such thing 🙂 I’m going to build a whole kitchen gadget storage unit someday.. And fill it with all sorts. Buy an ice cream maker.. It’s fantastic 😀


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