Photo(s) of Day 06: High Maintenance Horse, eh?

So, the deal is that Hope is a bit mad. It’s bred into her. She has four white feet and she’s brown. And apparently the horsey people say that that = mad horse. Well it works, cos she’s a stark raving lunatic most of the time. And she loves attention. She is a spoiled teenage brat. I still love her though!

So while I was out getting photos (and attention from Betty, who normally takes a waddle over to me to see if I brought her food) I spied the these two having a little tiff:

Murphy appeared to be getting Hope all annoyed. And we know that Hope does not like to be annoyed. She prefers to be annoying. Annoying Nick in fact. So Hope decided to express her annoyance physically, and did this:

And skulked off, happy with her little show!

Murphy still loves her. He looks after her, knowing that someday, he’ll be able to tell her how he feels.. And hope that she will return his love. (She won’t, she likes Nick) (Oh and Nick doesn’t like her back) That’s just the way these horses roll.. Its like farmyard ‘Days of our Lives’. (I choose that cos only one of those shows I know of, thank goodness, and that’s cos of friends. Not so sure if it exists but you get what I mean)

Just thought I’d share that with ye all. Y’know like. Seeing as my brain is non-functioning these days. Mush I tell you, mush.

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