About moi…

This is a place where you can expect a lot of rambling mumblings about growing up in rural Ireland and the adventures that ensued. Twas great craic. Recipes included 🙂

I spend my time at home mostly baking, on the farm, poring through my ever growing collection of books and cookbooks. Term time largely consists of poring through medical books and taking an occasional cooking break.

Must mention that the first Friday of every month is now cookalong night with the Irish foodies. Please join in, even if it’s as simple as your own take of beans on toast! Find us on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=102711646449318

Loves: Books. Arrested development. Modern Family. Chocolate.  Dara O’Briain. Neil Delamere. Cookbooks. Dylan Moran. Chocolate. Simon Amstell. Never mind the buzzcocks. Live music. The Pioneer Woman. Italy. Sleep and much of it. More cookbooks. Camping. Chocolate. The beach. Sleep again. Theatre.  My iPod. My house. Italian food. Did I mention chocolate?

Dislikes:  Not sleeping. Not having books. Exams. Frizzy hair weather. Having no money. Having no ingredients. Being too busy to post due to crazy schedules.

9 thoughts on “About moi…

  1. I just love your site! I’m going through your recipes – mmmm! Your style of writing is very entertaining – thank you for making me smile!

    Your photos of your animals make me think that I should pop some of my lot on my blog. We have two dogs, a saluki\greyhound cross and a thing that resembles a wookie but we have been reliably informed is a cross between a bearded collie and a labrador. We also have five cats, who live mostly outside, except when the weather is bad.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling, keep up the good work with your blog, I’ll be back!

  2. Oh ok rural Ireland! how wonderful. Ive never been there…closest I got was to london….eons ago. I really love your site…it reminds me of english poets of old..the feel of it….:) good job!

  3. Found your site while looking for a recipe for roasted vegetable quiche and was fed up finding measurements in ‘cups’ – whatever they are!! Was well pleased to find your recipe (and more besides) and can’t wait to impress my colleagues when we get together for a pre-christmas girls night in. Thanks for that – might just sneak in the chocolate biscuit cake too – although it may not make it out of the house!!

  4. Hi, your site is another great link on facebook by Dee from Greensideup. I too spend my life baking cakes (and curries) in the back of beyond in rural Ireland. Going to look at the recipes now… can never resist a new one. 🙂


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