Dinner… What to make?

So it’s Good Friday today which means no meat. My pestolicious chicken plan hath been thwarted. So methinks I shall make Seafood Goujon today. Cod and Salmon perhaps. Or whatever that ‘replacement cod’ fish is – the one with the odd name, Hoki Pokee or such…  Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I could just eat some plain grilled fish… but where’s the fun in that. I shall post recipe later as I’m making it. Gonna go with the good old healthy oven-cooking method. And since it’s all about fish and chips then I believe I might make some homemade chips. Or ‘fries’ if you’re reading from one of them there foreign places.Unless the mashed potato fairy (i.e. Dad) peels some potatoes for me… in which case I may have buttery mashed potatoes. We shall see! Is the tension just killing you??? (Yeah. 3 question marks. It creates a good old dramatic effect there.)

Stay posted for recipe and pictures!

Oh and vote before 5/6 to determine what I shall cook tomorrow!


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