Olive oil oven baked chips & homemade seafood goujons (and a chocolate cake)

Okily dokily where to start. Right! I shall put today’s dinner recipe up in a separate post methinks. So. I made the chocolate cake. Used the same recipe as my chocolate fudge cupcakes.  But grease and line 2 7 inch sandwich tins (I actually had to use 8″ and cooked for some less time), preheat … Continue reading

Dinner… What to make?

So it’s Good Friday today which means no meat. My pestolicious chicken plan hath been thwarted. So methinks I shall make Seafood Goujon today. Cod and Salmon perhaps. Or whatever that ‘replacement cod’ fish is – the one with the odd name, Hoki Pokee or such…  Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I could just eat some plain grilled fish… … Continue reading