I was active today- photo proof!

Not that its that great an achievement to walk up a hill.. But it is a steep hill. And it has rewarding views!

And see that pile of rocks? That my dears is a fairy (or faerie) fort. Apparently tis magical. We are not to destroy faery forts for fear of faery wrath. Faery wrath is the worst type, don’t ya know. I shall now give you another picture of the faery fort.

Pretty ain’t it? Its so lovely and jumbly and hawthorny and magical. I won’t hear otherwise.

Also came across this- like a remainder of a little lane up the mountain. Loverly.

I wanted to go up but time constraints today.

Oh here is where I was looking up rather than down.. Also Corgan!

I was riiiight about where the tree meets the crappy telephone wire! Telephone wire totally wrecks my photos. 😦 I forgive it though.. It gives me contact to the outside world..

Back up the mountain- phew!

Nice, where I live, isn’t it.

On that note, I’m off. Must watch some ‘Law and Order SVU’ and think about how I’m not studying. Sigh. I promise I’ll start tomorrow. I shall rise early and do work, and then I shall perhaps do the long walk tomorrow. I love that place. And I shan’t tell you about it yet but leave you to wonder about this ‘long walk’.

Later alligator!


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