The update

Hello all.

First up, I am tremendously busy over the next two weeks so expect a temporary lull. When I get a chance I’ll pop up the Irish Traditional food cookalong recipes. There is Soda bread, a nice butter making tutorial, slow roasted lamb (straight from the farm) with rosemary, and colcannon. And a strawberry swiss roll a la my neighbour Cathryn. She has the BEST recipes.

I spent the last few days applying for a mission in Operation Smile. It involves a team of people (medical types) going out to developing countries and performing the surgeries to fix cleft lip and palates. It seems like such a life changing experience, so I’m really hoping I shall be lucky and get a place. I have fingers, toes and eyes crossed at this stage.

I’m also trying to get a decent speech together for a public speaking event but that is not going as swimmingly as I’d like to be honest. That and a million and one GP assignments to work on is unfortunately leaving me a bit frazzled at the mo. Will try not to neglect the blog but the priority is kinda this whole getting through medicine and being a doctor shenanigans.

I shall leave you with these pictures from my walk last weekend.. (Isn’t Ireland the prettiest)



And a horsey picture of Hope in a very nice light. A few minutes before she threw a hissy fit and tried to murder me by running at me top speed before wheeling around leaving me in a cloud of dust. She sauntered off happily after..


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