Great Pink Run? Done!

So the reason I have been ridiculous with this whole blog shenanigans is that every last second of my time has been taken up with Colaiste and with running. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started running with Run with Tina. Now as you MAAAY have noticed I am a procrastinator. So I knew I needed motivation to keep myself going. I was shocked halfway through when I started running the week 1 schedule with Louise as well as doing my own week 4s,5s, and found it so easy in comparison. It was fantastic. But I had my doubts- serious doubts, that I’d ever be able to run all of a 5K. I justified it to myself- I said ‘Sure look, try running it and you can take a breather halfway through or something’. However, I am the most stubborn person ever at times, and I knew if I didn’t run the whole thing, I would have just been disappointed. But the last week- having just done my 30 minute run- I knew I still hadn’t run for a full 5km. But everyone was so supportive- in particular the lovely Tina, the old family, and of course my second family- Louise, Sinead and Kitty.

So I went today to the Great Pink Run, and met some of my lovely class beforehand, all of whom are seasoned runners. Like roadrunner they are, doing this race. There were loads of people there, some fantastic costumes and all kinds of every age. The Great Pink Run is to support funding for breast cancer research nurses, which I think everyone will agree is a fantastic cause.

The course was nice and flat, and not completely unfamiliar to me in some parts, but I was quite nervous. Off we all went at 2pm. The first kilometre flew by, which was nice, and according to my running app I was running a faster average than usual, but I decided to keep to that pace, it felt comfortable. It can be a bit disconcerting seeing people fly by you running, but in the end I think quite a few were alternating between running and walking. I was really happy with my time, my only aim was to run the whole thing, preferably within 45 minutes, and I did it in 38 adn a bit. 41 maybe? I’ll check tomorrow. That’s a time I can improve on I think! But considering I could not run 60 seconds 13 weeks ago, I’m really happy with that 🙂

In other news, I haven’t been cooking as the first week back is completely and utterly exhausting. I barely pulled myself off the couch once I was home, only to look over exam stuff, so I apologise. I am a bad blogger, bad! Hoping to get back into a good schedule this week and get cooking. I think there’ll be a lot of cheap and quick meal ideas upcoming.

Thank you to all that sponsored me for the run, really appreciate it. Bring on the next one…

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