Best Sounding Medical Terms/Jargon etc

Just when you thought you had heard it all.. Part 2 of the best sounding medical terms/jargon comes your way. Well I never! Julie supplied a few of these, a muse she is.

  • Ependymoma

Sounds like: Something you should be saying in a southern country accent (Well that’s just an ependyyyyyyymoma of a problem there chuck, ain’t it). Is actually: A tumour of sorts.

  • Methotrexate

Sounds like: A transformer. Is actually: A drug

  • Gonadoblastoma

Sounds like: An ‘interesting’ superhero power. Is actually: Not.

  • Ophthalmology

Sounds like: What you say when jaws stuck together with toffee (And I’d know) Is actually: Eye stuff (My professional description of course)

  • Saddleback fever

Sounds like: The sequel to brokeback mountain. Is actually: A pattern of fever, seen with such illnesses as Dengue fever.

  • Chikungunya

Sounds like: A takeaway meal! Probably from a dodgy restaurant.  Is actually: A tropical fever (See why I love tropical medicine, it has the BEST names)

  • Agammaglobulinemia

Sounds like: A goopy material. Also, a tongue twister. Seriously. Say it 3 times quick. Is actually: A genetic disorder where people can’t fight off infections

  • Coccidioidomycosis

Sounds like: Mary Poppins’ next musical venture. Is actually: Mary Poppins’ next musical adventure for at risk groups.

  • Amphotericin

Sounds like: A kind of reptile, possibly extinct.  Is actually: An anti-fungal agent.

  • Leishmaniasis

Sounds like: Something the evil wizard in a Disney movie yells before swirls of black purple smoke descend upon his tower and lightning strikes.   Is actually: A tropical parasite. Loverly.

  • PLAP

Sounds like: Something you should shout and get yelled at by parents.   Is actually: Abbreviation for Placental like alkaline phosphatase (quite the term in itself!)

  • Alpha Thalassaemia

Sounds like: The first and second names of a child whose parents let me name them. Is actually: A genetic disorder of the blood.

  • Gleevac

Sounds like: A mood elevating cleaning appliance.   Is actually: A drug for treating some forms of cancer

  • Hydroxychloroquine

Sounds like: A cleaning product from 50s America… Or a foodstuff from 50s America.   Is actually: An antimalarial drug

Next: Words chosen by Julie.

  • Rugger Jersey Spine

Sounds like: It’s just such a great descriptor.   Is actually: A description of a spine where it actually looks stripey on XRay, seen in osteosclerosis (possibly caused by the blasted kidneys and their evil reign of bodily terror)

  • Zygomatic

The forgotten lyrics in Greased Lightening, ‘iiiits zayyyyygomatic’.   Is actually: Your cheekbone. Zygomatic bone, arch.

  • Leiomyoma

Sounds like: An exclamation before one begins to salsa (Llly-oh-my-OH-ma! eeeeeeeee). Is actually: A tumour of smooth muscle.

  • Apple Green Birefringence

Sounds like:…Maybe Snow white’s nickname. If she had sea green silk dresses on. Post ‘primary-colour-pre-marriage’ shenanigans perhaps. Is actually: What you get when you look at amyloid under polarized light with a congo red stain (boo ya. Will never forget that, seriously)

  • Toxic megacolon

Sounds like: A villain in some superhero film. Like – I! AM! Toxiiiic MEGACOLON! *evil laugh* Is actually: Er… A toxic megacolon.

  • Ecchymosis

Sounds like: A german insult. Eck-ee- MOSE-is!   Is actually: A kind of rash. Subcutaneous Purpura if you will.

4 thoughts on “Best Sounding Medical Terms/Jargon etc

  1. These terms remind me all too well of studying for last year’s Biology final…except 10x harder to remember! My hat goes off to you for having to learn all this. I think my favorite word is Leishmaniasis. It’s just so fun to say!

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  3. Love your comments on each word, made me laugh. I’m a medical student but I never thought of them like that, certainly makes things interesting :’))


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