Stagrennan farm – where they greet you with smiles and apple cake.

What do you get if you put 6 camera wielding food bloggers in an orchard on a fine autumn day? Well I shall tell you, good sirs! A very nice tour, that’s what. I’m a real joker me. But all joking aside, having had a chat with Michal from Bord Bia pre cookalong organisation, we … Continue reading

Let’s get old fashioned (Cake included.)

I love this song: Old Old fashioned by Frightened Rabbit. On that note, I’ve been getting back to the recipes that one would come across in his/her early days growing up in the wesht. Now, living on a farm in the back arse of nowhere generally means that the only baked goods on the menu … Continue reading

Theeee best chocolate biscuit cake

Ok I know its been ages, and I’ve been having photo upload problems lately, but in the meantime I am going to give you a lovely simple recipe that everybody will request. I picked this up working in a restaurant and it was always a hit. I kinda jazzed it up with a few choice … Continue reading

Back with a bang. And a lasagne.

So you may be wondering where on earth I have been over the last 3-4 weeks. Well, as frightfully lazy as I am lately, I come furnished with an excuse: I have been losing my sanity in Italy! Along with some of the nicest people ever, I have spent 3 weeks singing camp songs involving … Continue reading

Cod in beer batter and homemade chunky chips

Sometimes you just feel like something super tasty. And there was a delivery of local fish in the butchers this morning. This got me thinking… Cod. Cod would be lovely.  So I picked out a few choice pieces and off home I went.Well it was only fabulous. So here is the recipe I used! Ingredients: … Continue reading

How to make crisps? I’ll tell ya how

2 ways. Like these guys: As all you Irish peoples know, we grew up with one savoury potato snack – the legendary Taytos. But the days have gone where the choice is so sorely limited, and tasty as the old Tayto are, it’s nice to see a bit of variety in the siopas. In saying … Continue reading

Butternut Squash and Pancetta Risotto

This was a rather yummy dinner. I tasted some of Mary’s risotto one day and vowed to make it or something similar. And so, one dismal rainy summers day, I stood at the fridge, stared down the pancetta, and began to cook. Now this was kind of put together on the day, so change it … Continue reading