How to make crisps? I’ll tell ya how

2 ways.

Like these guys:

As all you Irish peoples know, we grew up with one savoury potato snack – the legendary Taytos. But the days have gone where the choice is so sorely limited, and tasty as the old Tayto are, it’s nice to see a bit of variety in the siopas. In saying that, I ain’t a fan of some of the other brands, and when I spent some time in Oxford I craved Cheese and Onion Tayto til there was no tomorrow (for future reference there’s an Irish pub on the way to the train station that sell them – score!). But when the word got out that Ed O’Donnell may have been giving away a few wee samples of their unreal Tipperary crisps, I jumped at the chance to sample their yummy produce.

A parcel arrived in a matter of days, wrapped in brown paper and tied up with a length of string (the like of which one would expect to find in any boys pocket from an Enid Blyton book, along with a toffee and some discarded papers which will eventually become the means to an escape from the evil men who kidnap them and/or some kind of circus pony ) and emitting a high pitched screech of delight (it’s the parcel thing, I can’t help myself) I set about tearing the paper off in excitement.

Inside a lunchbox (nice touch, no squashed’uns) greeted me and within it were nestled two delicious looking bags of crisps. A mouthwatering Mount callan cheese and red onion and a tantalising Irish cider vinegar and sea salt (yeah, admit it, you’re drooling).

First up, I loved the packaging on the crisps. The nice thick bags make it feel luxurious and pretty sure it helps out with the old freshness shenanigans. But inside. Inside were crisp (imagine) slices of yummy potato coated with delicious flavour combinations that, quite frankly, I know will lead to serious problems with any weight loss planned. I’m not going to harp on, but I am going to advise you to go buy a pack of each. 2 packs of each. Trust me, they are bleeding lovely.

Or yourself with a handy recipe:

Crisps +/- the many flavour options

  • 2 large potatoes
  • Salt (plenty)
  • Sunflower oil
  • Lots of kitchen roll
  • A mandolin (you should really get one. If you don’t have one try a thickish potato peeler)

Flavours I have tried

  • Salted (pretty basic)
  • Rosemary (Of course)
  • The oil from the jars of sun-dried tomato instead of sunflower oil.
  1. Ok. Basic. Scrub your potatoes well. I leave the skin on. Rustic baby.
  2. Using mandolin, cut the potato into really thin slices. Thin. Quite thin. They should be translucent anyway.
  3. Put a handful of salt in a bowl and add some water- enough to cover your potato slices that you put in. Or you can add some vinegar and make salt and vinegar crisps! Leave for about an hour.
  4. Take em out and pat em fully dry with some kitchen roll! Otherwise you ain’t gonna have crispy crisps. Disaster.
  5. Heat up your oil to 180 degrees C (again with the sugar thermometer)
  6. Put your potato into the oil,leaving them until just turning a really pretty golden colour (like a princesses hair! Sorry. I like fairy tales) Turn them over with a metal spoon.
  7. Take em out when they’re all golden and crispy and delicious. Add any extra flavouring you have sitting round the place, I’m just giving you the gist here, ya gotta experiment!

Right. This meant to be short post has turned into a long post. I now must go read about gestational diabetes. (*Checks to see no sugar in above recipe, phew!)

Before you go, what is your favourite flavour of crisps?

4 thoughts on “How to make crisps? I’ll tell ya how

  1. The above look great! Must try it out. How would sweet potatoe work?? My favourite flavour of crisps? Come on now! Tayto cheese and onion EVERY time, mmm… Walkers cheese and onion are good too but as they’re foreign I wouldn’t buy them often! I love the new fancy Tayto flavours i.e. sweet chili. I could go on about crisps all day but I’ll stop now 🙂

  2. Sweet potato would work perfectly! I do love my cheese and onion tayto.

    For the record, I refer to all crisps as Tayto. Thats just the way it is.

    And feel the need to go ‘It’s a harse tayto’ everytime I say the word.

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