Ah do declare, we have a winner!

Drumroll please:

This is a rather historic moment. The winner of the very first giveaway on Musings of a med student (and what a prize it is) is no. 29 – Sine!

I used random.org to pick the winner so it was all fair and all that shebang, with farmer richie supervising, although I fear our new lawnmower may have distracted him somewhat (like a kid with a new toy he is).


Is that clear or should I upload a clearer one?! Oh well, you can make it out.

So Sine, if you can email me your full postal details at sarah@musingsofamedstudent I’ll send them on to the loverly folks at Robert Roberts and they shall send you out your parcel of wonders. Hope you enjoy muchly!

The rest of ye: delighted with the response I got, there maaaay be another whopper of a giveaway in the works so don’t forget to check in!

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Happy Sunday y’all 🙂


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