Another giveaway you say?

Why yes, yes it is. A little off the beaten track this time, but when I got an email asking if I would like to gift a bottle of Impulse Very Pink to not one but TWO lucky readers, I said ‘Of course’. For one, as much as I love the smell of fresh bread, … Continue reading

Ah do declare, we have a winner!

Drumroll please: This is a rather historic moment. The winner of the very first giveaway on Musings of a med student (and what a prize it is) is no. 29 – Sine! I used to pick the winner so it was all fair and all that shebang, with farmer richie supervising, although I fear … Continue reading

Whats this you say.. a…. Giveaway?

Good people of Ireland, do I have news for you or wha! I, (along with some other esteemed bloggers) have been given a super duper hamper by the absolutely wonderful and recently honoured Robert Roberts Tea & Coffee producers. But, not for mise. Nope! It is to give away to one of you, my loverly … Continue reading