Skipping the whiskers on kittens because today I got…

A brown paper package tied up with string.

For real.

So no.3 of my favourite things: Parcels.

I still look out for the postman every day in the hopes that he’ll bring me some parcel from afar. Lately he has been due to the blog and my online shopping problem. And today I hobbled downstairs only to find not one, but two packages lying in wait for me. I was over the moon. And they were so nicely wrapped. I intend to go out, buy some brown paper and old fashioned string, and wrap all my leftovers in it just so I get to unwrap them every time. Just saying.

5 thoughts on “Skipping the whiskers on kittens because today I got…

  1. I share you love for getting parcels in the post! I think it’s the anticipation waiting for the package to be delivered,being surprised with it’s arrival and then it being revealed. Love it 🙂


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