Things that have been said, word for word. Part 1: Hannah

I feel like I should maybe put a note in here explaining these are reasonably old.. but still priceless 🙂
While mum was recounting their holiday in Morocco, Hannah with a look of horror on her face: Oh my god, were there like foreign people there?!

Dad: whats the coldest country?
Hannah…. what…
Dad: Chile
Hannah: …..Thats not even a country….

Hannah: ……… After a longish silence in the kitchen…… Clare is a county you know.

Hannah’s honours maths teacher: The summer exam is going to be two hours long
Hannah: OH MY GOD Sir, 2 HOURS?
Teacher: Sure thats not as long as your junior cert!
Hannah: Oh my god How long is the junior cert..?
Teacher: Its 2 and a half hours long. And thats per paper!
Hannah: OH MY GOD SIR how many papers are there..?
Teacher: Theres 2 papers.

Vera: Whats the name of that singer…
Hannah: Damien Rice!
Vera: Thats it!
Hannah: Oh my god I must be like telepathic!
Sarah: Oh well done Hannah that must be like 4 syllables!
Hannah:…(confusion registers) …. What.. Damien Rice?

Hannah: No see, we were walking through the carpark, and there was this like red button.. and you know if something is red you just HAVE to press it!

Hannah: Where is Hollywood?
Sarah: Its in California..
Hannah:…… What- Is Hollywood not a country!?

Hannah: Why would we have to go through Galway going to Cork, its in thetotal other direction!

Sarah: So what do you want to do after school anyway?
Hannah: I dunno… Whatever..
Sarah: Like would you be vet?
Hannah: Yeah.. maybe yeah
Sarah: What about a doctor?
Hannah: Eww no I couldn’t do anything with blood!

Paddy: my mother and I have a fight every day cos she calls me ‘patrick’ n my name is paddy!
Hannah:does your mum not know your name?!?!

Eimear:They’re gone up to belleek getting fireworks.
Hannah:Is belleek not a country?!?!

Clare: Whats the 411?
………….no- wait-…….. what?!

On seeing 3 boys picking out the same t-shirt:
‘Oh my god, ye’re like 3 twins!’

Marina: I am not running that way I’ll fall!
Hannah: no you won’t come on…
Marina: how you mange to fall?
Hannah:…. well I lifted 1 leg but forgot to put the other one down!!

In MIDNIGHT MASS at Christmas, the priest mentions he had been to bethlehem..
Cue Hannah: Oh my God is Bethlehem a real place?????!!???

Hannah: Where are you going?
Sarah: I dunno might be going to fureys
Hannah: Oh right wheres that?
Sarah: Town
Hannah: Wheres fureys?
Sarah:…. Town
Hannah: where is it though?
Sarah (wondering what wonderful memorably quote could possibly be exclaimed next) Town.
Hannah: Oh… is Fureys like.. another word for town or something??!

I feel like I should explain:

It’s the fault of the parents. She had no chance…

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