Banoffeeee and also (cos I love ya) Dulce de Leche instructions.

I am now a banoffee convert. I love it. I mean, the years I’ve wasted not making/gorging on banoffee.. It makes me sad to think of it.I should be packing for study week, but am being completely generous and giving you Banoffee recipe instead.

Go and buy/root out
approx 35 digestive biscuits
1 pack of butter. The wee one. i.e. 227g. You can use 225 I suppose. If you insist. Sigh.
2 tins of condensed milk
4-5 bananas
450 mls cream (double cream. The real shtuff)

First off, get a big saucepan. If the only saucepan you possess that will fit tins of condensed milk is leaking, as mine was, call Emily. She has a giant saucepan. Dulce de leche for all!

Also, grease a nice tin. If you plan on cutting slices use one with a removable base. You’ll need a big tin. This is a big recipe. Or two tins. You could half it but where’s the fun in that (and where’s the other half of the banoffee!?)

  1. For the dulce: (PS. You shouldn’t do this. It’s very dangerous. This is my disclaimer. If it goes wrong I accept no responsibility. Just sayin’.)
    1. Take off the labels. Your tins ain’t gonna need em where they’re going… Put your tins in the saucepan and fill it up 1 inch past the top of the cans with water.
    2. Bring it to a boil, and then turn down heat til it’s simmering.
    3. Leave it to simmer. However, check on it every twenty minutes. You want the water to stay above the top of the tins by an inch or so at all times. Unless you’d like some new shrapnel and caramel style wallpaper.
    4. (Make your biscuit base as no. 2 below)
    5. While you are making your base and cleaning the bowls (Ha, I’m a regular comedian) wonderful things are happening to your condensed milk.. Trust me on this.
    6. After 3 hours of these wonderful things happening you will carefully and gingerly take your pan off the heat. You will not drop or bump the tins. These tins are now under a fierce amount of pressure. you drop it, you got a dulce de leche explosion. You will carefully take the VERY HOT tins out of the pan with a non slip tongs. Actually I ladled out most the water and left them there for a while til they cooled a little. Then I took them out and backed out of the kitchen. Slowly. Tiptoed in fact. Bowing to the tins to show respect lest they get angry and explode.
    7. Leave them. Despite your complete lack of willpower. And you will have a lack of willpower when it comes to this stuff. You must leave them alone for many hours. I left mine overnight. It was about 7 hours.
  2. For the biscuit base
    1. Melt your butter
    2. Crush your biscuits into lovely jubbely digestivey smush. Don’t eat it. It needs to be a base. Thats its destiny.
    3. Mix the two. I know, rocket science alert.
    4. Topple the mix into your prepared tin and squish it down so its nice and firm and flat.
    5. Cover and pop it in the fridge to set for at least 3 hours.
  3. Next: the fun part. Open your tins (hiding under the counter – trick learned from Mary). Oogle the caramel coloured glorious dulce. It’s amazing.  Then you may spread it over the biscuit base. And lick the spoons.
  4. Then you need to cut up your bananas – not too thick, you don’t want all ban and no offee. Put them, nicely layered, on top. Admire your handiwork.
  5. Whip the cream until its thick enough to hold a peak. I made my first one too thin and it was a bit messy. Spread it completely over the bananas.
  6. I then crumbled a flake over it. Yum. But that’s optional.
  7. Sing a happy song. Your Banoffee is complete. You should probably put it in the fridge for a while and it kinda sets a bit but who has that kind of patience?!

Serve with a second helping of banoffee, and, as always, enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “Banoffeeee and also (cos I love ya) Dulce de Leche instructions.

  1. Tip for lazy cows (like me). Merchant Gourmet do readymade Dulche de Leche. I however prefer the jars of French Salted Caramel heaven which are hiding at the back of my fridge – I shall restock in September when we get back to France. Schexy schtuff altogether

    • Carnation do it too. However I was not a lazy cow last night. Therefore you’re not allowed to be either. So make it from scratch. So there. 😛 🙂

  2. Ah but you have never tasted the nirvana that is French salted butter caramel… cheap as chips in Brittany and the base of many a divine dessert chez Babaduck

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