The chocolatiest of chocolate cake – Devils Food Cake.

When one has a chocolate cookalong, one of his or hers dessert must consist of a serious amount of Chocolate. And who better to turn to than Nigella. She is a goddess when it comes to kitchen treats, and let me just tell you, this one is no different… I’m glad I waited this long … Continue reading

Your farm friendly awww of the day

Goes to this: Does it not? I went out to check on him there and couldn’t for the life of me find him, until I spotted him nestled amongst some bits and pieces there. Adorable little lamb, a triplet that we’re struggling to keep going at the minute. His poor mum just isn’t able for … Continue reading

The update

Hello all. First up, I am tremendously busy over the next two weeks so expect a temporary lull. When I get a chance I’ll pop up the Irish Traditional food cookalong recipes. There is Soda bread, a nice butter making tutorial, slow roasted lamb (straight from the farm) with rosemary, and colcannon. And a strawberry … Continue reading

The updates are slow again

This would be why. When it stops being headwrecking I shall start posting again 😦 Cast for 6 weeks though.. Bit of a pain! Oh well, luckily no surgery needed so yay for that! 🙂 Happy Christmas and New years to everyone by the way. I hope Santa has been good 🙂

Urban Sunset: Dublin at Dusk

This is from the other night, had to post it. Just really liked the sunset. Dublin Oct 10. Completely unedited for the record this is SOOC (Straight out of camera)

Coming soon to a kitchen near you…

This July.. if you only have one internet bake off… let it be this one… (Read on!) Hello dear people. Welcome to the world of ‘This is what happens to my blog when I genuinely do stuff’… i.e. abandonment. Have been good and busy on the wards/in theatre (yay!) and studying for final osce of … Continue reading


Autosomal dominant, anyone? We have 3 lambs that aren’t panda lambs. Defying the odds 🙂

Photo of the day (I’ve lost count.. 8? 9?)

I just loved the colours the other day. Great light. Our trees are growing! Yay. Getting 2 cherry blossom and a few more apple trees to plant in the corner. Someday we will get the house actually properly finished (since 1991 we’ve been at it I believe).

Photo of the Day 07

Cos it’s been a farmery day, and this is representative of that. Which I shall describe in detail at a later date as am really quite tired today. But probably have a pet lamb now. Super cute tho. A pandalamb :)Will get a pic tomorrow as is intent on following me around. Basic story is … Continue reading