Whats this you say.. a…. Giveaway?

Good people of Ireland, do I have news for you or wha!

I, (along with some other esteemed bloggers) have been given a super duper hamper by the absolutely wonderful and recently honoured Robert Roberts Tea & Coffee producers.

But, not for mise.

Nope! It is to give away to one of you, my loverly readers. Would you believe they received a rather spiffing 12 stars at the recent Irish taste awards? I would. 12 stars. Puts me to shame. I don’t think I’ve gotten a star since our 2nd class weekly spelling competitions fizzled out. Cupboard was usually the one that got us. But luckily, 12 stars and all, they want to share the love (and the tea and coffee)!

I’m hoping this shall make up for my absolute lack of posts lately, what with being in a different country and now running round wards like a mad eejit, I have developed a severe bout of…

Laziness. (Lament!)

It’s a terrible affliction, one cannot know how one suffers.

(I’ve been reading Louisa May Alcott books on Stanza recently and can’t help feeling as though I would have done well in those times)

Anyway, now I am going to bribe you into liking me again with said giveaway..

To enter:

All you have to do is tell me how many cups of tea and/or coffee you drink in any one day.Simple, ya? I dare anyone to beat my mothers record. She’s mad for the tea as we’d say in the wesht.

Winners will be chosen at random. One entry per person. Answers on a postcard please to: The den, po box….

Ah no, only joking! A comment, good sirs. One comment and you are in it to win it. Closing date Friday 6th of August.

For extra entries:

Tweet about this giveaway (including @reindeersp and  in your tweet. Here’s a generic one: Just entered @reindeersp’s giveaway at http://wp.me/pRPVK-9S  #robertrobertsrocks (and leave me a separate comment with your twitter username)

Like the page on Facebook right here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Musings-of-a-med-student/115718308461396?ref=ts (and leave me yet another comment telling me you have done so!)

Wowzer. Off ye go. Get to it!

30 thoughts on “Whats this you say.. a…. Giveaway?

  1. Oh I confess….I am one of those weirdos who does not drink tea or coffee but my parents make up for it!! I’ve also seen tea/coffee addiction in full swing with my college flatmate – now Dr!! It was entertaining to say the least!! Dessert spoons of coffee in a mug and multiple tea bags!!

  2. To: The Den
    P.O. Box 2222, RTE, Dublin 4

    I drink a cup of tea after every meal, which makes it about seven a day…

    (pretty please can I have a Den t-shirt and pencil-case!)

  3. About 4-cups a day but as said above I also drink alot more tea when hungover…its first thing I go for and its slurped down every last drop!!

  4. I don’t drink it either but my other half drinks enough for the two of us. I reckon 4 coffees during the work day & two teas at home in the evening!

  5. I think probably around two, doesn’t seem much,but i also have atleast two cups of coffee during the day as well. One must keep caffeine levels up when working in a terribly boring job.

  6. One 16 fl oz cup of REALLY potent coffee per day. I fear if I start allowing more, it would be all downhill from there.

  7. To The Den please send my Dustin, then my Christmas dinner is sorted.
    I drink 4 cups a day….and am out numbered by my hubby and son who drink at least 8. I can’t keep them in tea bags so I need the hamper….please 😉

  8. Every time the cup is empty I fill it again. I was thinking of getting one of those water container backpack thingys and filling it with coffee as the time I spend making coffee could be put to better use drinking it.

  9. Ehhhh, it’s now 1.46pm and I’m probably on my 13th cuppa, mostly tea, with a few coffees thrown in for good measure. I’m a bit worried now after counting these because in all honesty I probably drank 30 odd cups yesterday! No wonder I don’t sleep..:)

  10. Three Tea .. One Coffee on an average day ..
    Lots more tea on the weekends and have been known to drink at least three large coffees when catching up with d’women!! (and then not be able to sleep for 48 hours!)

  11. Will this hamper include the makings of a fabulous iced tea? I haven’t gone to buy any great berry teas yet so I might just head off.

    I have 3 cups of coffee. Whooooooooooop. Enough to keep me buzzing for most of the day.

  12. One regular coffee when I first get up, another at lunch and one in the evening.

    HOWEVER if I’m out and about (which is most days!) I’ll have at least an extra latte and when in other peoples houses I’ll have more coffee

    SO you could be talking about 7 plus coffee related beverages

  13. doing as told and entering the comp! as to the tea/coffee related question its 4 teas and around 2 coffees on a long day. i have to restrain myself so as not to end up like the parents who at this point consist of around 50% tea.

  14. on average about 10 kettle is on when i’m halfway through me tea ,sure i’m an irish lassie tis me civic duty tobe drinkin da stuff
    love you sarah xxxxx


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