Really quite sleepy today…

So I shan’t write too much. Went to Hannah’s play earlier, was fantastic! Results are tomorrow night, fingers crossed! But honestly they have got to win, it was so good. And so very chilling! She’s now through to a special competition, basically they pick out the favourite actors from the whole thing and they all perform a piece tomorrow. So herself and Eimear are through with a handful of others, eek. The two of them are really good! Did I mention they won 1st on Sunday? Well they did and they have  a shiny silver cup to show for it!

But anyway, the bread turned out really nice! Slight problem though, it may have been gobbled before I got a picture. I do apologise… The cheese and onion was superior by far! Nice strong cheddar – fantabulous. That disappeared quite quickly. Then, the cupcakes (photos to follow, I can’t find my camera lead right now!). The cupcakes are rather lovely. I made some extra icing – 100g butter, about 230 of sugar and 4.5 tbsp cocoa – and iced them using my new nozzles. So prettified and wow they taste good! I believe 12 out of 24 are left! The cookies are lovely as usual. I love when recipes never let you down!


No cookies?!

Eaten up they are!

Don't wanna beee

So that’s the sceal for today.  OH just got a pic message from Jen the cupcakes she made look fantastic. (Hey   if you’re reading this the cupcakes you made look fantastic. ) And yes. Baking is contagious. Yaaay! If I feel generous I may MAY just share one of my 2 best cookie recipes in the next few days… watch this space! Also will be making New York style cheesecake in next week. Will include handy andy hints and recipe. Am I tempting you? Good.

Icing is God’s gift to cupcakes. And maybe me too.


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