It’s raining and miserable BUT

I will be productive today.  I got up (Maaaybe not as early as planned) and bounded down the stairs full of optimism. And I decided, being super enthusiastic, to make myself a breakfast smoothie! Which I must say turned out wonderful. So I thought I’d share the ingredients:

Breakfast smoothie (Makes about 3 servings)

2 handfuls of frozen strawberries
2 bananas
One little mini lunch-type carton of orange juice, you know the ones!
One small tub of strawberry yoghurt (Fat-free, yeah baby)
2 Kiwis (optional, I love ’em)
Oh no! I've been stolen!Gone byebyes
Method– Very complicated!
1. Put em all in a good smoothie maker and whizz round til all gloriously pink and happily delicious
2. (Not an optional step) Pour into a nice fresh glass and enjoy your lovely breakfast smoothie!

There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen!

So on with the story.. As I said, I was perfectly happy and in a wonderful mood, not to be dampened by the rain (harhar). I set off up to my room and prepared my desk so that it was nice and organised and prettified and down I sat to begin studying, knowing that I would absorb everything instantly and it would all be fantastic.By the way I’m a little bit stationary obsessed. I mean, is there really anything nicer than a pen that writes really neatly and a nicely formatted notebook? Is there?  (Well there probably is but you get what I’m saying)

Gone! Booo

And then the kidneys happened. May I just say that my aforementioned hatred of kidneys has doubled at this point. I don’t know why exactly, I just have a mental block. And they’re so touchy, the slightest thing can set them off, and when they decide to get wrecked, boy do they get totalled. So I began looking at the pathology.. It lasted about 3 minutes before I got horribly bored and decided to check my email. I replied to a few random emails. I opened the book again.  6 minutes later I felt the need to go and wash my glass. To keep my desk clean of course.  I then proceeded to tidy the kitchen. And the sitting room. And my shelves. Then I sat back down to it, telling myself firmly that I just need to get it over with and learn it off. So I made a list of things I need to learn off instead of learning off the list of things. Sigh. And now I’m taking a ‘study’ break. But at least my shelves and the kitchen and the sitting room are tidy. I promise I will go right back to it.. In 5 minutes. Just as soon as I change a few light-bulbs, scrub the sinks, repaint the hallway and make a 7 course meal.

Procrastinate? Me? Never!

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