Summer Salad days: Roasted tomato salad with balsamic dressing

This one is simple and lovely You will need 400g cherry tomatoes Sea salt Handful of fresh basil Drizzle of olive oil _________________________ Mixed leaves of your choice. Red onion, small and finely sliced Parmesan.  I had originally intended to use feta but ran out, so if you’d rather that then go for it! For … Continue reading

Honey & Mustard Marinaded Pork Cutlets

Well I have promised you recipes, and so here is a yummy one for Honey Mustard Marinated Pork cutlets, courtesy of Bord Bia, and their fabulous quality assured Irish Pork (Irish baby, it’s all good). This is super simple and just lovely. I recommend making the marinade on a Sunday so you have an easy … Continue reading

Risotto: Carbonara style

So on a windy night long long ago (Sunday) I had just returned from Iron Man 2 (V.Good) and was craving comfort food like a madwoman. I turned away from brownies in despair- they’re no comfort food. Hang on, I’ll give you a minute to reread that. It’s true. And it came to me. Risotto. … Continue reading

Bread. Even better: Sun-dried tomato and Onion Bread

Bread = Yum. Sun dried tomatoes = Yum. Onions = Yum. Hmmm, what if we were to put them together to make something magical.. Answer: this would happen… Sun Dried Tomato and Onion bread 450g Strong white bread flour (Don’t use cream/plain/self raising, it won’t work, you need the gluten in this flour) 1 package … Continue reading

Scrumptious and superquick low fat scones

So when @Jeokitty and I’s conversation turned from Alice in wonderland to scones & clotted cream, I instantly had a scone craving. However, trying to cut down on fat and all that (eh.. shall we ignore the cheesy lasagna post yeah?) I was reluctant to make my usual scones, which I’m not so happy with … Continue reading

Lovely Lasagne

Hi! So one of my favourite dinners ever is lasagne, as those of you who know me are well aware of. And today I had 2 lb beef to use up, but was rather short of cannelloni, so I decided on lasagne instead. And I shall now share how I made said lasagne with you. … Continue reading

Healthiness and all that

Well hello there fine people! It is Friday, and I am chilling out after the longest day of lectures in the history of education. The sun was shining/is setting but still lovely and bright and it is all dusky now!  So, to the soundtrack of screaming children playing football apparently (though I have yet to … Continue reading