Oh hello there..

How are you? You haven’t seen or heard much of me in the last few months, which is mainly down to the fact I’ve been living with my nose in a mixture of books and pillows, and boy did it pay off for I am finished and graduated- hip hip hooray! Now admittedly I did finish exams a wee while ago, but since then I’ve been running all around the country (and a few others) like a headless chicken (what a picture)! I have to draft quite a few blog posts- but here’s a quick idea of what I’ve been up to in the last few months!

Just scroll over the pictures to see an explanation

On another note- I had to say bye for now to my loveliest flatmates who are moving back to the foreign lands of America/Canada and it made me turn into an emotional wreck. And I already miss them to bits. This is how I feel. And possibly one of the best photos ever.

Earlier that night:

9 thoughts on “Oh hello there..

  1. Well done you! That takes guts. Missed your blogs, but you had a good reason – looking forward to seeing them again! All the best, Marie

  2. I love how Corgin (sp?) looks like he’s laughing in the picture! Glad to have you back on the blog, you were missed!


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