To mark the end of my exams: A Giveaway!

Hello boys and girls (Bosco flashback anybody?),

Today, since I just finished my last exam (fingers crossed for good results), and since the amazing Appliances Online’s Fairy Hobmother , who sells cookers and other white goods paid me a visit last week and offered me not only a voucher for myself (hello cookbooks) but also a gift for one of you, my lovely followers.

All you have to do is leave me one wee comment telling me what your favourite kitchen appliance is. Ian from Appliances Online will pick a winner to receive a gift on Friday the 17th of June. Best of luck everyone! Oh and if you feel like making me happy, pop over to my facebook page and give it a like!

You can also thank Appliances Online  for being lovely people and making my week. Pop over to their site if you’re in the market for some cookers or kitchen appliances!

35 thoughts on “To mark the end of my exams: A Giveaway!

  1. I’d put it against a handheld Dyson which I absolutely need to help me clean up the mess after mealtimes because my 7 month old has just started to eat finger foods – most end up on the floor!! Also need it to hoover up cat hair and, ehh, dust bunnies etc from the floor daily now that my baby is crawlin around eating everything off the floor… I’ve seen a good deal on Amazon bu it’s still v expensive 😦

  2. Without doubt it would be A Dance with Dragons for the Kindle! Finished Storm of Swords lastnight & am still aghast! 🙂

    Love the blog btw – get on my reader!

    CherrySue x

  3. Oh wow! you had a visit from the Fairyhobmother!!!! Brilliant and couldn’t happen to a nicer blogger 🙂 I have some cookbooks in my wishlist for so long now they are in danger of going out of print… I think that’s what I’d love to buy right now – perfect for sitting outside in the sunshine 🙂

  4. My most favourite kitchen appliance is the Oven as it helps me to produce yummy cakes and biscuits and roast potatoes and roast chicken and all the other great things.

  5. hmmmmm my little coffee machine i think – as not only does it make me lovely coffees to get me going in the morning – it also produces top notch espresso for yummy coffee cake

  6. Hmmm… Tough choice! Going to go with my food processor. My parents didn’t want it anymore so gave it to me and in a year it has either made or contributed to several batches of hummus, pesto, pasta, soup, cheesecakes, other cakes, salsa, milkshakes, stuffing and a frozen strawberry daiquiri or two…. 🙂

    Congrats on finishing exams by the by!!

  7. Going to go with the slowcooker as it means with a minimum of effort i can fab dinners prepared! love chinese shredded pork!!

  8. My favourite appliance in the kitchen has to be the fan oven in my parents house, because I’m addicted to a particular chocolate chip cookie recipe which seems to bake perfectly in that oven, yet is always too soft or too crispy when done in my own oven!

    Great blog, all the best.

  9. Mine would actually be my handheld electric whisk from good old Tesco’s! It’s there own brand, has 5 different speed settings, conventional baloon whisks, as well as dough hooks! I couldn’t live without it!

    As a student I have to shop around for the best value, and for only £10.20 this was definitely it!

    However I would love a Kenwood mixer when I start my own home properly 🙂

    Emma x

  10. My Blender WAS my mine until I burned out the motor last week from over use – The boys in work are thinking of chipping in to buy me a new one rather then missing out on my treats

  11. Well don’t ask me – ask my work colleagues. The answer is “THE OVEN” as without it, they don’t get a cake tin full of yumminess every Monday morning (recipes on my blog peeps!). My second most loved item is my Kenwood Chef which makes the goodies to go into the oven…

  12. Ooh that’s a tough choice, I can’t decide between my food processor (which is on its last legs and needs replacing) or my mini chopper so my food processor doesn’t stink of garlic.

    Right the mini chopper wins cos I do love using garlic.

  13. Toss up between my kenwood and my food processor – life would be very hard without either one! Got a lovely little mini processor a while back but last week it just split in two 😦

  14. Well i would be delighted with a kenwood As i am lost without one pleasssssse!! Congrats on finishing your exams well done wohoo party on! !!! Whoop whoop

  15. My favourite appliance in the kitchen has to be the oven because so many nice things can come out of it ! Fingers crossed for your results.

  16. Has to be my hand held blender, its a Philips and has loads of bits with it.
    Its a must have gadget in our kitchen, I use it to puree the carrots that I hide in my kids Bolognese sauce!!
    Its the only way they will eat carrots (& they dont even know about it) !
    Sssshhh dont tell ’em

  17. Good on ya for getting to the end. I’d never go back – never ever ever!

    My fav appliance is my frother which helps make delicious hot choc 🙂

  18. I would have to say my wonderful parmesan grater 🙂 I use it almost every day (parmesan obsessed!) and it is also handy for grating chocolate for the top of cappuccino. Couldn’t be without it!

  19. Favourite appliance would have to be … my freezer! Where else would I keep my homemade choccy honeycomb icecream, mmmmmmm ……….

  20. I’m rather in love with the giant fridge freezer in our new house. Being able to batch shop and cook is such a novelty!

    But oh, my kingdom for a cherry red KitchenAid… or any colour KitchenAid for that matter!


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