Update on the fabulous Temple Bar Market

So lovely ladies and gentleman, I heard on the… well actually its not on the down low at all, but here’s the deal. The temple bar market is moving for a wee while. The details are below but now you know when you make a regular visit. If you don’t make a regular visit, whyever not? Lookatit!

Temple Bar Food Market On The Move

Temple Bar will be a vision of mouth-watering colour as the Temple Bar Food Market (TBFM) is moving from its Meeting House Square home to three new locations around Temple Bar. The TBFM Take Over will be temporarily held in the new locations from Saturday 29th January, to facilitate the construction of the new retractable canopy over Meeting House Square. This will consist of four large umbrellas which provide year-round cover for the outdoor movies programme, festivals, music, dance performances and markets which fill this city centre public space every year.


The Temple Bar Food Market’s new locations are ‘Up-Town’ Old City, ‘Mid-Town’ East Essex Street and ‘Down-Town’ Curved Street. The move will create a tempting gastronomic trail which foodies can meander through and enjoy the best of Irish produce alongside a host of cultural treats around the Temple Bar area. A map will be provided to the public on the street and at www.templebar.ie to lead them through Dublin’s Cultural Quarter to the TBFM’s new homes.


Commenting on the move, Dermot McLaughlin, CEO Temple Bar Cultural Trust said “Our first Temple Bar Food Market was held in May 1997 and has become a Dublin institution increasing in popularity each year. The range of foods is unparalleled elsewhere in the city and we hope moving to these temporary locations around the area will entice people to explore areas of Temple Bar they may not have seen before..  We are extremely excited about the possibilities our new retractable canopy for Meeting House Square will bring and want to thank everyone for their patience during the installation period.”


‘Up-Town’ will offer a diverse range of fresh fruit and vegetables,
‘Mid-Town’ will be filled with stalls offering fresh hot food and
‘Down-Town’ will offer a range of stalls trading fresh Irish meats and freshly baked breads.


People can pick up fresh vegetables from Denis Healy who runs his own organic farm or the best apples in the city from Llewellyn’s Orchard Produce. Noirin’s Bakehouse and The French Bread Stall make mouths water with the smell of freshly baked goods which can be washed down with coffee from the Ariosa Coffee Roasting Coffee. Or try the best in Oriental street food at The Sushi Hut or a French treat from The Gallic Kitchen.


There will be a total of 28 traders relocating their stalls to the various locations until June where they will return to the newly covered Meeting House Square. To see a list of traders and their produce, visit www.templebar.ie .


For the latest news, you can follow the food market on Twitter at http://twitter.com/templebarmarket and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TempleBarFoodMarke


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