Eat Magazine

Hey followers and foodies and random people looking through my blog (welcome, leave a comment :))


I must go off to sleep soon, but wanted to let ye know about a new and FREE (hello student faces perking up) magazine that is circulating around the web and also has some local stockists in Dublin. It’s called Eat Magazine, and it looks like it will be receiving contributions from lots of bloggers and others. I think it’s a great idea, so keep an eye out for it or take a gander here: It’s currently being stocked here:

Have a read and keep an eye out for it around Dublin!

PS There’s also an iPad/iPhone app launching soon (yippeeeee)

Now to sleep! This rotation is wearing me down. Exhausted altogether! Presentation coming up, and lots of quizzes and uploads to do! Toodles for now. Banana bread recipe upcoming this weekend. Also a review (FINALLY) of Catherines Italian Kitchen. Plus one week until cast comes off thank goodness. It’s all ahead of  me 🙂

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