Must be onto warm apple strudel by now…

Inspired by ‘s kind mention of my favourite things (don’t you just love that blog!), and the weather that’s in it, I bring you another instalment of ‘My favourite things’. And what a country themed one it is:

Favourite thing number… Eh.. 5?
When you’re feeling a bit under the weather and end up walking home in the drizzle and all you want to do is get warm and watch a movie in bed, and find that mammy or daddy or respective other has popped a gloriously scalding hot water bottle under the covers for you! *wails with gratitude

Same goes for when you arrive home from school and Kitty (replace with whoever minded you if/when your mammy was working. I recommend having a Kitty, shes great) tucks you in on the couch across from the range and you doze off to the sounds of north west radio and the smell of baking treacle scones… Aaaaah delightful.

2 thoughts on “Must be onto warm apple strudel by now…

  1. You can’t beat a good hot water bottle. We had no central heating at home so in the winter the place would be freezing unless you were within 2 feet of the fire/rads. I loved coming home on a winters evening in the pitch dark only to find that mam had put a hot water bottle into the leaba before she went to bed, and even better, she would wrap our p.j.’s around it so they were lovely and toasty when we put them on.


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