What’s in a name?

So this is a quick update to let you know that the website has changed name to http://www.cakeinthecountry.com. Seeing as I wasn’t doing any musing as a med student and all that! There may still be the random med post but for now lets focus on the good stuff. Currently being worked on are posts about the orchard tour, winter warmers cookalong, how to make pasta, and some cakes etc including an auld brack that you can throw together in no time. I am also going to be making more cakes. As the name suggests. Mmmm.. caaaake..

I’m also going to try and find time to do afternoon tea some weekend as I’ve been send a lovely selection of tea to try out by Robert Roberts! So planning on making fruit scones, apple cake.. and more as I think of it! Perhaps lemon scones.. And strawberry shortcake. Yes.

Thats all for now, but heres a quick photo of the Stagrennan farm orchard tour we went on a week ago (and lovely people they are too!)



P.S. Working on making it a bit easier to read on the background, will update soon.

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