Have you got the chef factor, eh?

So as usual I’m horribly busy trying to get College and big bad evil monies organised (bane of my existence, I suggest regressing to barter. I make a mean damson muffin).

So, in this era where every Saturday evening my sister’s social life revolves around the X Factor, I wanted to just let ye all know about a bigger and better competition that’s going on that you all should enter.


The rather lovely peoples Cully & Sully are organising the event of the year. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s new! And it’s open to everybody! IT. IS…

….. Drumroll please….

Chef Factor! (I resisted the urge to make this bright and flashy)

Here’s the thing- it’s not about being a class one michelin star chef (ahem, I’ll take 3 please). You can make your special partaaay dish, you can go a bit wild, you can make your ‘go-to’ dinner. But all you have to do is make something you enjoy, take a picture with the words Cully and Sully in it somewhere, fill out a wee form, and boom, you are entered.

And the best part:

The prize:

Holy Moly I would looooove to win this prize (but I can’t give up a placement to partake of it, tho I was sorely tempted!)

Ok. Take a deep breath.

A place on a 12 week Ballymaloe Cookery Course worth €12,000 plus accommodation, knives and everything you’ll need to be Ireland’s next great culinary success.

Can you even imagine? Can you? Sigh, daydream, happy!

So if you have a hankering to be Irelands next big chef, the new Jamie or Nigella- take a photo, enter yourself into it. And remember, it need not be a caviar souffle type of dish, just something you love to make and enjoy. And leave me a comment with the link to your entry, I’m dying to see what y’all enter! No pressure, but you better win…

So off you go now and take a piccywicture, and I’m going to learn about taking a psychiatric history. Slightly on the overwhelmed side with this year and all its MCQs and continuous assessment and shtuff. Ooooh, totally doing a stationary post later because Mary brought me home pens and highlighters and they are amazingly cool (I have warned you, I am the biggest stationary nerd).

Later alligator!

4 thoughts on “Have you got the chef factor, eh?

  1. hehe, yes please! i need brain fodder.

    i would enter the comp but am sick at the moment, and there’s a very real danger i would cough/splutter/puke all over the lovely meal once i had it ready :S


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