Culinary adventure of sorts…

Well there I was, settled in front of my computer glancing out at the trees being bent over backwards by the wind, happy in the knowledge that I could have a lazy day. And then it all changed. For in passing, farmer Richie sauntered in and casually came out with ‘you know we have gooseberry bushes over beside (neighbour’s) house, don’t you?’.

Well I shall tell you now I did not! With this information I knew, knew that my life was about to change. Or at least the next hour of my life was.

No longer would I stay plonked in the living room. No. I was off to find these alleged gooseberry bushes! But not before a doubtful yet excited ‘Really? You’re being serious? This isn’t an attempt at some kind of cruel trick or bad joke, is it?’ With that I paused, and waited for a punchline.

None came.

Not that that rules out the fact it may have started as a joke and Richie may have just forgotten where it was going. Alas, that happens quite a bit, much to the amusement of the jokees. He’s a bit scattered. I have none of those genes I’m sure…

With that I got up, fought open the door, and got blown 6 foot back and landed in a coal bucket. It’s a bit windy out, would you have guessed? But I would not be thwarted. I found my way out of the bucket and with unknown vigour and bravery, if I do say so myself. I edged closer to the door. I made it out. It was blustery, to say the least. Trees being relieved of their leaves, the odd cows hurtling by a la ‘Twister’ and I’m pretty sure the garage was about 4 foot farther away than it was yesterday. But heedless of these small setbacks, I set about my mission. I traipsed over to the gate, yanked it open with strength of 6 superheros, and set off across the field to the place rumoured to hold these beauties. Well I searched. I looked and peered and squinted and surveyed. I saw no gooseberrys. But then, I spied some greenery in the corner. Behind the fence of the remains of last years vegetable patch.

Could this be it.. My heart thumped, my hands were shaking. Well perhaps not, but I was excited ok?

I slowly approached the gap in the fence, and there they sat.

My very own precious gooseberries. Not quite ripe yet, but I’ll give them a week and then the gooseberry recipes will commence!

Look, lots!

I picked a wee handful just to play around with. Nick wasn’t a fan I’m afraid

Nor was Betty

But Hope sent her and Emma packing fairly lively

And I left the wind and rain and came back inside to chill out and enjoy looking at some pretty green gooseberries:

2 thoughts on “Culinary adventure of sorts…

  1. Back in the spring I bought gooseberry, blueberry, and raspberry plants. Here we are in high summer then and there isn’t a flower or berry to be seen on any of them!

    They’re as useless as my vines, which produce masses of leaves but no grapes.

    Woe is me!


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