Brownies. These are my pride and joy.

Dear world. I am a brownieaholic. A hardcore brownieaholic. A brownie purist. And now a maker of the best brownies ever. In the world. Or so I like to believe. If you don’t believe me try em..

I used Jamie Oliver’s brownie recipe as a base and tweaked a wee bit here and there. Here is what happened

And because I am soo good to you, if not for you, here is my recipe. May I just say – If you add nuts to this, we can’t be friends. I am one of those people. This is for PURE chocolate brownies. They are bestest.

200g of chocolate. THE GOOD KIND i.e. 70% cocoa solids. Yeah. Bring it on
250g butter. Ha. Bet you hate me now. You will when you see how much butter this is.
70g  good cocoa powder
75g flour
1 tsp baking powder
340g caster sugar
1 tbsp of golden syrup. A meagre one. Not too much. (Use a hot spoon- will help get it out)
4 large eggs
1 tsp of vanilla extract (not essence. Essence is illegal in a good kitchen)

Ok. Here we go:

Grease and prepare a good lookin’ brownie tin. About the 25×25 ish mark. I didn’t have one this side so I used my standard one and poured a few spoonfuls excess into a 2lb loaf tin (Which you can then eat with a spoon. Or smooth some squidgey vanilla ice cream on and pop in freezer for about 20 mins and scoop out together. You may thank me later). Preheat the old oven to the 180 degree mark (or if you have my oven ‘130 degrees’ which is actually 180 degrees. As many a burnt cookie will inform you)

Right. Melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Appreciate.

Sift all your dry ingredients together into another bowl – i.e. flour, cocoa powder, baking powder; and add your mountain of sugar in there too.

When your chocolate/butter goodness is melted, stir your dry ingredients in, and add your golden syrup.

Then you would like to beat in your eggs and wee tsp of vanilla extract until the whole mix looks silky smooth and beee-aaaa-you-tee-fal.

Then you would like to taste it. But you will resist. Instead you will pour it into you prepared tin(s) and place it lovingly in the oven, where you will be separated from it for about 25 minutes.

It is done when it’s still a bit squidgey but nice and springy on top and at the edges.It may have risen up a wee bit but it will fall back down and get all cracked-like and scrumptious.

Now let it cool in the tin. Let it. Put that fork down!

It will cool. It will be amazing. It will rock your world. Then cut into little portions – this stuff is heavy! – and serve slightly heated with vanilla ice-cream. When my ice-cream maker paddle arrives I will put up my recipe for gelato. Then, then you will actually love me. Trust me on that.

16 thoughts on “Brownies. These are my pride and joy.

  1. OK, what’s caster sugar and golden syrup? I am a fellow brownieholic and just recently posted (what I believed at the time to be) the best brownies ever. I’m thinking I will have to revise that opinion, after reading this post!

    Last question – is that 180 degrees C?

    • Hmm, I believe in the states caster sugar is sold as superfine sugar? It’s not confectioners sugar that you use for icing, but its finer than normal granulated. Golden syrup ( may be hard to find in the US, you could substitute it for about 20g more sugar if stuck, but you lose some of the essence of it! And yep, 180 degrees C 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness I just made these…..fab 😀 I cut the ingredients in half though….because I would still like to get through the door. I also used golden caster sugar instead of white…yum.

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  4. These look too freaking good! I was just roaming the kitchen looking for something chocolatey and baked. I should know better, because I haven’t baked anything in the last few days! What a tease!

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    • Ha, thanks Tess. I must actually make them post Christmas and avoid them getting burned this time. Hopefully you’ll be back 🙂 Btw, making your salad tonight, it was absolutely YUMMY. Must also get the lasagne recipe, perfect college food!

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  8. Mine is in the oven…but I have had such fun reading your recipe that I found on google and sooooooooo much fun licking spoons that I dont really care what it turns out like now! The uncooked slap is bette than chocolate mouse. I have added some chunks of white chocolate and walnuts to it and will let you know what it is like later. Thanks for your fun recipe!


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