If this were Tuesday I could have called it ‘Tuesdays with Mary’


So the day started with me getting up on time and making it into lectures for 8 (bah) and despite looking a wreck and a half I was quite content. Until of course I get asked to go take this history off our fake patient. And naturally I haven’t been practising so a bit rusty on the whole SOCRATES (is mnemonic for pain questions to ask) thing. The first few are fine – Site, Onset, Character, Radiation. However right there is where I promptly forget all other pain questions and stare blankfully at fake patient, giving a sheepish smile that clearly announces ‘This girl = Idiot. After a year and a half she still blanks on histories. Eeeehhh, that’s a big fat duck egg to you Mrs.’ But after a few minutes of mortifying buffoonery and bumbling questions, I was let off the hook and thankfully and bashfully stumbled back to my seat in shame. And promptly zoned out. Which may be the reason I’m a bit rusty.

Well, that being said and done, the day continued and most of what I can remember revolved around my insisting to Mary that I could not, under any circumstances, go on a mini road trip with her to get her car fixed. Absolutely not. No chance. It’s simply impossible my dear. Well.. No. No I just can’t… Ok I’ll go.

So class finished and we vroomed off to her car-fixing people who informed her that her car has mutated into a double accelerator car. Yep. Its got a hidden accelerator on the other side of the brake. (Auto car- no clutch) James Bond style. But enough about Mary’s higher state of evolution car…

The real adventure started on our way home! With a  skip and a jump, we hopped into the car, programmed the sat nag and took off. We approached a junction. We spent a few seconds frantically shouting  ‘Is this the road? Which exit? This isn’t a roundabout! Where’s the roundabout sat nav- WHERE?! Do you SEE a roundabout?!  Wait, is it this one?’ And promptly took a wrong turn. Then we spent a further minute or two glaring at the mistaken sat nav whilst she huffed and recalculated. And just to really rub it in, she sent us right back around in a circle. She announced ‘Drive 600 metres and turn left (you could hear her sigh in frustration here) And then turn left again. And then turn left again. And you’ll be preeeeetty much back where ye started. You imbeciles. Have you got that now? Can you maybe manage that?’

She actually said all these things. She did. Well she implied it. The distaste in her jaded voice implied it.

Well after a few successful left turns, we came to another junction. I’m pretty sure satnag did this to us on purpose. Somewhere up there, (I picture the sat nav lady sitting in one of those computer filled rooms directing people into lakes and such and laughing manically) she was sitting in a high-backed leather chair, with a white fluffy cat, watching to see if we would follow her directions and then slowly twirling around 180 degrees on the chair as we did, her laugh growing as she watched the turmoil she put us through. Anyway, this junction happened to be another super awkward one with a Luas line running across it. Do you know how awkward it is to  go to turn left only to find a load of Luas tracks looming before you?! Do you? Well its quite a surprise, let me tell you. Luckily, thanks to Mary’s lightning fast thinking and possibly due to her mutated car (I’m pretty sure it also thinks and took part in the swift correction of path) we managed to make it to the proper road and had a successful left turn. At this point satnav woman raised her fist to us with a cry of ‘Next time I’ll thwart your travel plans, Mary, next time…’ and turned her attentions to some unsuspecting foreigner driving through Connemara who suddenly got the instructions to take a left and unhesitatingly drove into a river.

Our trip home a success, we decided it was high time we went cookery equipment shopping. Mary had her sights set on a pastry cutter/blender apparatus, a cake tin, a good knife, and a sieve, and I.. Well I had no intention of buying a thing, despite my needing (NEEDING) sandwich tins to bake a cake. But no, I knew I could not afford to buy such things and of course I would not be exiting the shop with 2 sandwich tins, a garlic press, a pastry brush, silicone cookie sheet,a spatula,a mixing bowl and toaster bags; No sirreee that was not me with all of those items.


Well, I directed Mary into the store. We were prepared and threw a cushion under her jaw before it hit the floor.  We were greeted by rows and rows of baking tins, spatulas, whisks, knives (in a non Hitchcock psycho way naturally), the mixing bowls. The beloved stand mixer that I had to be dragged away from, biting and scratching, calling out for it. Mary and I have a mutual appreciation of cooking equipment. It makes beautiful beautiful goods. Sigh. I could have spent hours in there. We did spend quite a while. (Discovered a Yankee candle  refuge also. I repeat, was very productive afternoon). On paying for our loot and lobbing it all in a bag, Mary was still pastry blender and sieveless, so we took a wander over to TK Maxx, where I had previously stumbled upon a nice item or two. Up the escalator we went and strolled over to the home-wares section. And lo and behold there was the pastry blender. Mary scooped it up and quick as a flash we came across a sieve. I then had to be dragged (again) away from multiple packets of mini loaf tins – so CUTE, mini cookie cutters, mini-saucepans, mini-bundt cake tins – do you happen to see a pattern here? Alas, I didn’t buy the beloved tins. I placed them back upon the shelf, knowing in my heart that they would miss me as much as I would miss them. I’ll likely wake up suddenly in the night after dreaming that I lost those baby tins and realise… well… realise I never had them in the first place…

Hmm… I fear I’m becoming far too dramatic re tins. Must scale back a tad. I still want them though. Should I be passing I may MAY buy a pack.. May. (You know I will.)

Happy and once again trying to understand why we don’t share a kitchen (And what a kitchen of wonders that would be. Wonders and no counter space), we traipsed back to the car and drove home, silently, in awe of our super new super cool kitchen apparatus, Mary gracefully dropped me off, and I ambled into the house where I fell upon and devoured delicious Sloppy Joe’s that were made and given to me by the aforementioned mutant car owner/driver. Heaven in a bun let me tell you! Followed by Week2Day2 of couch to 10k app on iPod. Must keep to schedule! Which wasn’t too bad so feeling rather happy with self. A rather productive Monday I believe!

How was yours?

6 thoughts on “If this were Tuesday I could have called it ‘Tuesdays with Mary’

  1. I have EIGHT of those mini loaf tins… muhahahaha. Shame you’re not playing with real patients – I could have great fun making you sweat next week 😉

  2. You are so funny! I, too, love cooking and baking stores – Williams Sonoma being my fave. I drop by, my eyes glaze over, my credit card comes out and I leave the store with bulging shopping bags, still in a trance! And I know what you mean about little mini things. Love them!


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