Pestolicious Chicken

Nom. Quick recipe for ye. I posted this over on tastykitchen and have 5 mitts so far, oh yeah! Let me know what you think! May I just say this is good on so many levels. And so SO easy. Creme fraiche can be a bit awkward if you’re calorie-counting, but you can always try the low fat option. Also, when you’re a bit stuck for sauce to put with rice, it’s even good without the chicken. I do love it so. And may I just take a minute to express my appreciation for my rice cooker? It cooks perfect rice. It was cheap (15euro in argos). It’s easy to clean. I love it. So let’s all appreciate my rice cooker. And lets thank Mary for nudging me in the direction of it. All together now: ‘Thank you Mary’

Good good. On to the recipe.

P.S. This always goes down well at dinner parties and such, just don’t let on how easy it was 😀

Ingredients: Serves 4
3-4 free range whole Chicken Breasts (All of my chicken is free range. I don’t encourage the non free range rubbish)
1 tub (8 Oz. Tub) Crème Fraîche
1 can (14.5 Oz. Can) Chopped Tomatoes
2 Tablespoons Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil


1. Cut the chicken into bite-sized chunks. I like the littler ones.

2. Heat the olive oil over a low heat, add the chicken and cook gently until browned. Don’t overcook the chicken. There’s nothing worse than dry stringy tough rubbery chicken.

3. Mix together your tub of creme fraiche, tin of tomatoes, and delicious yummy pesto in a jug or bowl.

4. Pour over the chicken, bring to a light boil, and then simmer until sauce has thickened (about 15-20 minutes or so). You can pop the old rice on at this stage if you be having it with rice! (Rice cooker appreciation again, thank you!)

5. Add more pesto (and/or seasoning – I use salt sparingly, what with the whole doctorness and all) to taste if you need! I left it at a small amount in ingredients, but I’m a pesto fanatic, so I use lots! (You totally need the protein. And.. tomatoes are good. And suuure theres a fair bit of olive oil but.. I mean it’s unsaturated fat.. You need some. You know all those cells that make you up are made up of fatty membranes right?!)

Serve with rice, a nice crispy baked potato or whatever your heart desires. And most importantly, enjoy.

Scrumdiddlyumptious. It’s a woooord…


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