Caramelised Upside-Down Apple Cake

It is very nice. I very much like it. Recipe can be found here: The edges look a bitteen dark but that would be due to the brown sugar and butter and apples morphing into appple flavoured toffee stuff that is really quite lovely! Serve with vanilla ice cream or a dollop of cream … Continue reading

Best Garlic Bread Ever. Ever.

Right so I have teased thee muchly with claims to the best garlic bread in existence. I must admit, up until a while back I too was a patron of the icky prepackaged overbuttered trash that one buys in shops. Have I mentioned that the true nature of proper cooking has only been revealed to … Continue reading

Pestolicious Chicken

Nom. Quick recipe for ye. I posted this over on tastykitchen and have 5 mitts so far, oh yeah! Let me know what you think! May I just say this is good on so many levels. And so SO easy. Creme fraiche can be a bit awkward if you’re calorie-counting, but you can always try … Continue reading