Would it be so wrong…

To make a chocolate cake today… I mean.. Surely making a chocolate cake can never be ‘wrong’. I shall be making the cheesecake later, but it’s to be left to cool in the oven overnight so not going to put it in until 10 or so. And in the meantime there’s a cake I have been itching to make. Actually there’s a good four of them, but I really think I might make a chocolate cake. I mean.. I’ll never manage to perfect this cake if I don’t try it. And the house is empty so I can bake and sing in manner of Disney princess.

How much do you love Enchanted?! Fantastic 🙂

May I just point out that we have neither pigeons (pigeons and I do not get along) nor rats in the vicinity. Actually our house is animal free on the inside. Plenty outside. OH yes, as Jen so kindly pointed out I totally forgot about our shark. By shark I mean our goldfish. Remember the whole naming things problem? We just call him the goldfish. Or the shark. Because he’s rather ginormous. And he’s still alive. Since 1998. We forget about him every so often but he ploughs on through. Or more like ‘swims round in circles’ on through. Mum minds him more than the rest of us do… But he’s there!

Back to my… rambling. Ahem. I’m pretty sure if I sang the bluebirds would.. well they’d probably screech and fly far far away… And deer would cringe and bound away as fast as their spindly legs would take them.. Note to self: If ever attacked by animal such as bear, sing nice and loudly. He’ll surely take off like the fires of hell are after him.

I’m going to go make a cake.


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