Did you know you can make marshmallows?

Yummy marshmallows you can make yourself

Since about two years ago I’ve been making my own marshmallows. I love them. They melt in your mouth (or your hot chocolate) beautifully. They also make amazing presents, people always seem so shocked that you made them. I brought these into work this week for my lovely co-workers. (On that note, I am finally getting the hang of things but it’s mainly thanks to lots and lots of help from really nice people!). They certainly went down well, everyone loved them and again, seemed amazed that I actually made them. In fact, as my team will confirm, I had to explain to a lot of people how you actually make marshmallows. And how easy it was! Now I shall impart said recipe to you. I suspect that once you make these you may never go back to buying shop bought. I know I wouldn’t! Oh and what most of the people I gave presents to this year received- these are especially good if you put them on a skewer, dip them in dark chocolate, let set, and re-dip a few times to build it up – the perfect hot chocolate stirrer. People loved them!

This recipe is a River Cottage Recipe, and is also the same as the one from Forgotten skills of Cooking by Darina Allen. It’s pretty simple. I would recommend getting a hold of a sugar thermometer to assess when your syrup is ready though.

Marshmallow recipe

I made these 🙂

So here is what you need:
1tbsp icing sugar
2 tbsp cornflour
Some vegetable oil
Food colouring IF you want. I leave mine white and pretty with sprinkles. Who doesn’t love sprinkles?!
25g gelatine powder- this is about 2 sachets of the gelatine I get.
500g granulated sugar
2 egg whites

1. Mix up your icing sugar and cornflour, and lightly oil and then use the mix to dust your dish (sieve comes in handy) that you’re using to set your marshmallows. I use a brownie tin, but anything would do- even a lasagne dish.
2. Bring kettle almost to the boil, then measure out 125mls of water in a bowl. Sprinkle your gelatine on top and stir with a wooden spoon until it has dissolved. This is what you add your food colouring to if your choose to use it.
3. Put sugar in a saucepan with 250mls of water. Warm on a low heat and stir a bit until the sugar has dissolved. Then turn up your heat and boil until the temperature reaches 122 degrees celcius.
4. Remove from heat and add your gelatine to the sugar syrup. Be careful as it will bubble up.
5. Beat your two egg whites (making sure there isn’t even a trace of yolk in them or they won’t beat) until stiff.
6. Add your sugar syrup in a very slow stream to the egg whites while you continue to beat them (Or in my case let your Kitchen Aid do all the hard work. Be careful, don’t forget it’s very hot!
7. Continue beating until the mixture becomes thick, glossy and white, leaving a trail when you lift the mixer out of it. Note- when them mixer is up in the air, don’t accidentally turn it on. Yes. Yes I did do this.
8. Pour into your tin and leave to set. Voila, you have made marshmallows!
9. Once set, dust the top with your icing sugar mix. This stuff is mighty stick. Using a lightly oiled knife or pizza cutter in my case, cut to your desired size. I tend to do a mixture of little ones and big ones to keep everyone happy!
10. Hide from your mother or the whole lot will disappear (True story).

Marshmallow recipe


You see, it is actually quite simple- and stuff you can have in your store cupboard any time. I also suggest that the spare egg yolks would be well used in some ice cream. In fact you could swirl some pre-set marshmallow into the ice cream if you wanted (Why have I not done this yet?!).

And as always, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Did you know you can make marshmallows?

  1. I so have to give this a try. I have had real handmade marshmallows once in France and they were heavenly. Yours is the most manageable recipe I have seen, off to try it this weekend, but will have to give some away so that I don’t eat them all!

    Thanks for sharing, they look gorgeous!!

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