The cutest pictures you’re going to see today*

*That may or may not be true.

We have, thanks to @darrenbradley, 2 new little kittens on the farm since last week. They’re settling in well and have taken over a few chairs already. They’ve also just melted the hearts of the whole family, and we spend hours sitting down with them and ooohing and aaaahing at every opportunity. So, without further ado, I give you Huffle and Fudge (named after Hufflepuff and Cornelius Fudge, because I am a Harry Potter nerd {books, not movies}). And it suits them very well indeed!

I can haz hug?

Corgan is quite curious and terrified of them. They don’t seem too bothered. Huffle has already taken to using his paw as a toy. He doesn’t seem to mind but would not look them in the eye at the start. He’s beginning to come around.


I have about 1400 more. I shall not give them all to you in one go. Also I have so many recipes to type up, internet was giving serious trouble for a while. Will do asap!

8 thoughts on “The cutest pictures you’re going to see today*

    • He really is. The first day he came in and sat down and kept glancing over at them as if he didn’t want to get caught looking. Then they sat on my legs beside him and stared at him and he put down his face and closed his eyes. Big scaredy dog. He always loves having cats around tho

  1. Very, very, cute! Just wait till they are a bit bigger and start leaving bits of dismembered rabbit lying around, like my lot.


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