Good Old Fashioned Lemonade

Today I’ve mostly been making lemonade and pizza.

Seeing as I’ve already shared my pizza recipe, I’m now going to bequeath onto you my new found and much adored concoction – Lemony Refreshing Lemonade. When I tasted it I loved it, and Hannah and Orla, my tasters for the day, both gave it their seal of approval whilst guzzling down a glass or two with pizza and cake (I have a lot of food left over). Here’s what became of 6 lemons, a bit of sugar and some water:

Corgan, however, seemed a little disinterested…

How does one make this lovely lemonade? Simple I tell you! Now this is quite bitter, I’m not a fan of sickly, but try it before you add any more sugar.

What you need for about 1 litre and 2 glasses:

    6 lemons
    1/2 cup of sugar (easiest way to measure it)
    4 cups of water (again, matter of personal taste)

What to do:

    1. Roll each of the lemons on the counter to get those juices loosened! Juice each one into a large jug with whatever contraption at your disposal. I have a red juicy shenanigans thing you can see in the pictures above, works well!
    2. Add in your half cup of sugar.
    3. Add your water, tasting as you go.
    4. Serve in a tall glass with plenty of ice on a sunny day if possible. Let’s face it, with 2 rainless day in the last 3 weeks, you might have to make do with a dull day but a lovely drink!

As always, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Good Old Fashioned Lemonade

  1. I have been CRAVING homemade lemonade all day long, so glad I noticed this on my blogroll! Looks so refreshing, I shall be definitely trying this soon!


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