A Day at Bloom in the Park 2011

Thursday the 2nd of June. Possibly the most wished for day of the year for me, bringing to an end the last of 4 weeks of rather harrowing exams, 8 papers/osces in total. It was a pretty tough 4 weeks, but waht was driving me through it was undoubtedly the knowledge that I had a new camera and a day at Bloom in the Park to look forward to. Excellent timing by Bord Bia, starting the festival the day after my exams! Myself and Richie the farmer decided to pay a visit and so, bright and early on an absolutely fabulous morning we tottered off to the Phoenix Park. Well at 10.20 the queues were already forming, a good sign to be sure.

Where to start.. Well I think, given that this is a food blog, we shall start with the food village! This year rather than a host of food producers in a big tent, it was really laid out as a village, which I just loved. They just needed a harrier and they had a village straight out of a book. Why? Because everybody there, be they competitors or best friends, were like neighbours. It’s something that I’ve noticed with the food bloggers and food producers in Ireland, they completely support each other. Inishfood was a small taste of how people can come together and just all appreciate what we have here in Ireland, and while Bloom drew the odd few more, there was still that sense of mutual respect and community between all of those who were exhibiting and whose wares we tasted!

I was getting used to a new camera and for some reason didn’t take quite as many photos of foodstuffs as I’d have liked, but I have to show you my highlights from it.

It's a cow tayto. Wait.. no... that's not right...

A greenhouse full of strawberries. FULL. I wanted to live here


Lovely mushrooms - cook them in hot butter with some salt, heaven.


If I had to choose one thing to eat all day... This is AMAZING. @edhick has it perfect


Ella McSweeney has a chat with creator of possibly the product that has my favourite packaging ever, Glenilen Farm


I hope everyone got to try the elderflower champagne sorbet, it was phenomenal!


The most beautiful flowers!

@Donalskehan giving a demo for spatchcock chicken!

Brigitta from Burren Smokehouse, beautiful smoked salmon, beautiful.

A few more

Ciaran from The Garden School educating the public about dicots and monocots, lovely to see something more than a display happening!

Some of the lovely lovely gardens that we walked around to see


All in all, I really enjoyed Bloom. The weather was amazing, the food was just phenomenal (I spent way too much money buying all kinds of everything there) and the gardens were beautiful. It’s now an annual thing for myself and Richie the farmer, and we shall be back next year without fail!


Did you go this year or last year? How was it, what were your highlights (lets count the answers involving #Baconjam)?


4 thoughts on “A Day at Bloom in the Park 2011

  1. I went on Saturday and the elderflower sorbet had sold out, much to my dismay! And I agree with you, Glenilen Farm has the best packaging in Ireland.

  2. This was our first year in attendance. It was lovely. I think the highlights for use was the Howling Gale Ale by 8 Degrees Brewing…… it was our ‘lunch’ that and the pulled pork sandwich from Crowes farm.
    Great atmosphere and thankfully, weather!


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