In which the blog owner finds herself without her beloved camera..

Yesterday was Tuesday. It started off very well. Things took a downward spiral when I walked into the hallway where my apartment is to find the door to my apartment ajar. I very nervously called my flatmates name as I ventured two steps inside the hallway (darwin award for me I think), then saw my bedroom door had been left wide open (I always keep my doors closed) and my tv gone from the desk. I turned on my heels and legged it out, calling the gardai as I did.

In summary, my house got robbed. And while I realise how much worse it could have been – I could have been there, I could have walked in on them, they could have taken my years worth of medicine notes, my laptop may have been there (luckily I was lugging laptop and hard drive around with me), it’s still a pretty shitty situation. There were box/bag type containers with clothes in them which are now strewn across my room. All the drawers were opened and rooted through, some of the contents are over the floor. And to top it all off:

My camera was taken. Not one, but two cameras, two lenses, some filters, 2 memory cards.

I think anyone who reads this blog or knows me realises my beloved canon camera (oldish though it may be) is my absolute favourite material possession. It comes everywhere with me, it is responsible for every photo on this site, and somebody took the lock off my door and took it. I’m a generally very happy person, but I’m broken hearted over it. It’s replaceable, but its going to take me months to save up for it to replace it. Speaking of, any jobs going for June?

There goes my saving for a mixer idea. Camera trumps it unfortunately.

I toyed over the idea of writing a post about this, and I decided to in the end.

Firstly, anybody with a plain lock on your door – Get a chubb lock. The other ones are ridiculously easy to break into. I learned that too late I guess.

Second – You’ll be noticing a lack of decent photos from me for the next few months, until I get a new one anyway.

Thirdly – Some people are just horrible human beings, to invade your privacy like that.

However, I was blown away with how unbelievably lovely everyone was when I was sitting shakily in my lockless apartment on my own waiting for the scenes of crime (read CSI) people to arrive, and decided to tweet about what had happened. I still haven’t gotten back to everyone, but you are all so so lovely and the kind words and thoughts were really appreciated. As I tweeted last night : Twitter, restoring my faith in humanity, 140 characters at a time!

Also – the Gardai were really lovely when they arrived, so thanks to them too. Hopefully they’ll see something on the CCTV footage and get the awful people who did it.



5 thoughts on “In which the blog owner finds herself without her beloved camera..

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this. You must have been really shaken up.

    I do hope that the Gardai find the culprits and retrieve your stuff.

  2. Oh no 😦 what a nightmare. As someone who has had a bag stolen that contained everything from my camera to my MP3 player with all my music to my Gameboy with a Zelda game I had almost finished, I know exactly how you feel and it’s absolutely horrible. You have my sympathy, and I hope that some really nasty things happen to the thief!

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this, I missed your tweets on it, I hope most of your photos were either developed or on your laptop. I really think stealing something ‘personal’ like that or jewellry etc is the lowest of the low.


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