A wee peek into Dublin’s best restaurants: Salon des Saveurs

You simply mast pay a visit dahling!

So this has been a while coming, but before Christmas I got a lovely email from the folks at Salon des Saveurs in Dublin asking a few of we food bloggers to pop in for a nice dinner. I had heard much about the restaurant, which is owned by the ever so talented Conrad Gallagher. I couldn’t resist, naturally. So I toddled into town on that Thursday (actually I wandered down from Drogheda from my rotation), and met a few other bloggers within. We were all very excited about this one. The place was so pretty and not’overdone’. The lighting was lovely and there was an overall relaxed atmosphere that really set the mood for a nice meal out. We were informed of the menu for that night which left us all salivating. I am now going to do the same to you…

Without further ado, the menu. Feast your eyes on this:

(Oh and sorry for the iffy pics, it was lovely and dark)

Parsnip and Vanilla Soup – Langoustine

This was just lovely. The vanilla really added something to the parsnip soup, which was quite sweet and just the right amount was served. The langoustine was simply delicious. A lovely way to start the meal
Oxtail & Foie Gras – Apricot, Grape, Fried Baby Spinach, Hazelnut Aioli

This is one rich bite. I couldn’t physically finish it myself, there was quite the portion there. The combination was superb, and all the little sauces that were served with it added something special to it altogether.
Risotto of Asparagus – Confit of Duck and Arbafura Broth

Holy mother of the best risotto I have ever had (and I have now lived in Italy for 2 months non consecutively). This was phenomenal. I really like duck, I really like risotto. The arbafura broth was spectacular. This plate alone I would revisit the place for every single week.
Daube of Beef – Celeriac Mousseline, Salsfy Chips, Pearl Onions, Butternut, Parsley Hollandaise

Ok. Where to start. Foolishly I picked up my knife to cut into this beef, only to find it fell apart at the lightest touch of my fork. This was the most tender and beautiful tasting beef I have had in a restaurant, it was amazing, and beautifully rich. I was just absolutely smitten with it.
Tasting of Desserts – Chocolate Brulee, Lemon Ice-Cream, Strawberry and Rhubard Crumble, Ice Lemon Soufflé, Spiced Lemon Cake

All fabulous. Have to say my personal favourite was the crumble. The lemon ice cream was impossibly tangy, we had quite the debate on how it could have been so lemony without splitting the custard over much lip smacking whilst tasting. It was yummy. I think everybody actually had a different favourite around the table, which I thought was nice. It was nice for something so fresh after some very amazing and rich food.


I’m actually still dreaming about this food. I got a voucher of Citydeal for 42 euro instead of 79 so just have to start looking for a crew eager to go back with me! I will visit whenever I can afford it, but the good news is that there are lots of different menus at different prices available.  One thing that I have heard people mention is that everyone at the table must get the same menu. This didn’t actually bother any of us as it was great to be able to compare opinions on each dish, I actually quite liked it. Normally I love getting to taste different things at a dinner, but the whole idea of the tasting menu really encompassed this in the first place so I was a happy happy camper. As I said, I will be back asap and with anyone that wants to go!

In closing (am in public speech mode) two simple words… Go. Here. You won’t be disappointed.




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