The Cafe tour: The Pepper Pot

Hi there. So myself and my cousin have a yet to be honoured agreement that we’re going to check out cafes every 2 weeks or at least every month while we catch up and babble away for an hour or two. Today I was hanging around waiting for an appointment and wasn’t in the mood to face the big bad library for an hour, so I decided to ask twitter for a nice cafe recommendation. Somewhere I could sit, read my notes and chill out for a while. Well the replies absolutely flew back to me (I think mostly thanks to Mr. Mulley and his RTing), and out of the first few ‘The Pepper Pot‘ in Powerscourt townhouse came up a bit.

So off I ambled, having a wee look at loverly items in the shop next door first (‘Article’ – have a number of items added to wishlist naturally). I popped up to the counter and was greeted promptly with a smile. I ordered a tea in my true to Irish self, and lovely staff lady told me to go ahead and sit down and she’d bring it down to me. And so she did as fast as… something that’s quite fast, and it came with the most lovely china cup that I really liked. Look at this, the tablecloth too:

Look at that. I just find that whole presentation charming! And a decent sized jug of milk may I add. I have no idea why they send those thimbleful sized jugs of milk out- it irks me. Anywho, lovely tea and was sitting there getting stuck in and really liked it. Nice music playing, although I’m happy without, but not so loud that it bothered me. Admittedly I was twittering more than studying :S. Well I sat there for a sold 30 minutes sipping tea and enjoying an illusion of a life not quite as hectic as usual, and I heard a lady behind me order food. And it just looked so nice as it came out. Then my tummy started hinting at me to remind me that it needed nourishment, or it would promptly shut off all brain function. I hadn’t taken a good look at the menu but I caught nice staff lady’s eye and she came over and responded in the affirmative to my casual query as to the availability of a smoked salmon bagel (my favourite). It was in front of me in no time and very nice it looked too, er.. even after I butchered it by cutting it in half, it looked nicer when it came out. Post butcherising:


Now I am fussy about my bagels (hear that bagel place upstairs in Jervis, hear that?!), and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Nice bagel, nice tasting salmon and plenty of it and enough cream cheese! I was thoroughly impressed and pleasantly full after. I paid with a smile and was on my way!

All in all

  • Service: 10/10 Couldn’t fault it, lovely staff, very attentive and polite.
  • Food: 10/10 My bagel was lovely, exactly what I wanted. I see no reason to knock off marks. Haven’t tried other food!
  • Drink: Tea – 9/10 They gave me loads and it was grand. Meant to ask for low fat milk but didn’t in the end, not their fault.
  • Cost: 6/10 Hefty enough- 10 euro for bagel and tea. I suppose I was sitting down and it was a treat but I couldn’t afford this often.
  • Overall: 8.5/10. Lovely place, would have preferred as a study place to have slightly cosier/less open, but as a place to chat I think it’s good. Music was nice, not too bleh. Location is good, handy to get to and warm! Absolutely love the style – the china cups, lovely tablecloths and great service! Shall re-visit for another treat. Perhaps post exams 🙂


PS I have now a list of cafes I shall be trying, but in the meantime if you think there’s any that are worth a visit or you’d like to hear a non biased review then feel free to leave me a comment with a suggestion.

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