The start of the Irish foodie cookalongs, and a Rosemary Focaccia

What could be better than a pizza party? Why a twizzaparty with the #irishfoodies of course. Silly question! Well it happened one Thursday, a Thursday where traditions began and people ate their fill of pizza (and then some). Taking part were: @clarekleinedler @babaduck71 @icanhascook @TheGlutton @dinnerdujour @likemamuse2bake @bibliocook @joannaschaff @italianfoodie as a judge and @reindeersp (moi)
Have  I forgotten someone? Give out to me and tell me in comments/twitter!

I also had some rosemary in the fridge that was screaming focaccia at me, so I thought it best that I make it… It was yummy. Used the same base recipe as my  bread base and let it rise- knocked it back, shaped it and popped some salted butter rosemary mix and some minced garlic on it and let it rise for about an hour, put some good olive oil on there:

I then popped it in the oven for 30 mins and it came out something like this:

Pizza wise, I used my pizza base recipe from right here, and invited a few classmates over! It was mighty good craic. And mighty tasty. The dough was made on Tuesday and kept in the fridge. I made a double quantity which made 8 smallish bases, so that everyone got to make their own pizzas. I made it a BYOT (bring your own toppings) affair, as I am horribly broke being a poor student with an impulse buying problem… But enough about that :S

I was in possession of buffalo mozzarella (obsessed I tell you), normal boring mozzarella, yummylicious goats cheese, jalepenos, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, and I made caramelised onions cos what’s goats cheese without caramelised onions. A match made in heaven.. Lets take a minute to mull over that combo.

Phew. Also, I had some bootyful cheese from Coolea, that I wanted to test out, so I made some homemade basil pesto. Recipe below. It was yummy. Love their cheese and had a lovely chat with them at Bloom! I may have also devoured large amounts of their cheese…

Well now that thats over, lets get to the good stuff. My guests bought toppings – chorizo, more goats cheese (bless their wonderful tastebuds), more mozzarella, pineapple, preroasted peppers and onions by Mary (Chef extraordinaire- those cookies.. those amazing amazing cookies. Also she has a le creuset dutch oven and someday I might try and steal it) and a whole rake of other stuff.

I made a quick test pizza to make sure my dough disaster had been resolved (Explanation – May have forgotten to put in yeast. Yep. That’s me. Eh, but mixed up with some water and kneaded it in with some extra flour. It worked!)

And so it began! I demonstrated the best way to make your dough turn into flatter dough with holes in it, and made my favourite, super simple, I learned it in Italy – Buffalo Mozzarella and Fresh Basil

And forgot to take ‘done’ pics. Cause twas devoured!

Next up, Mary made an everything pizza – What you put on it Mary? Chorizo, Roasted peppers and onions, mozzarella, anything else?

Wouldya look at that…

Phew. Melissa took the stage next: Basil, 2 x Mozzarella, Chorizo, Onions.. others?

Man. So pro looking!

Next up, Anjuli broke out the pineapple (I’m a recent pineapple convert. Fresh, naturally)

But it didn’t end there – Steph went with a half and half that looked a little something like this:

I need more plates. I need to go plateshopping. Ikea here I come!

And Jose came along and made this baby:

Yum. So yum

And then I stole the last base to make my 2nd favourite pizza ever – Caramelised onion and Goats cheese.

And cooked

And so it was over. Nearly. For then came the Banoffee. I love Banoffee. Recipe anseo. I had intended napping after the morning on rotation – but then banoffee appeared in my dreams.. And I knew.. I knew right then and there.. I had to make it. Like this:

All in all it was a rather lovely evening! I kept up to date with the other #irishfoodies that took part – and they made some mighty fine looking pizzas let me tell you! They’ve all sent me pixs which I have to pop into a post, and will do soon, I promise 🙂

Until then – I encourage much pizza making from anyone with a kitchen. You shan’t regret it. I promise 🙂

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Soooo, tell me, what are your ideal pizza toppings?

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