Corgan’s day out

It was windy out. It was cold. It looked like rain. There was only one thing for it, we were going to the beach. What else would you be doing in cold, wet and windy weather. So after inducing a healthy level of excitement in Corgan, we opened the boot and in he jumped. And boy oh boy was he staying there til he smelled some seaweed!

(This is after dad got sawdust. Farm car. It’s always a mess 😦 )

So after much:

‘Are we right?’
‘NO Where’s the dog’s lead?’
‘It’s hanging up by the back door’
‘No it’s not that’s the horse’s lead!’
‘Well can you not use the horse’s lead?!’
*Cue disdainful look. ‘Eh.. Noo. How can y0u even suggest such a ridiculous idea. The very notion of such a thing, I.. I can’t even begin to-‘
‘OK! FINE! Where IS the dog’s lead then?!’
‘I don’t know, that’s why I asked you in the first place! Oh- oh hang on. It’s in my pocket. Never mind…’

Yes. This happens at least twice a day in our house. You know how people say they’re losing their marbles? Yeah we pretty much had none to begin with.  But anywho, we made it to the car and I proceeded to cause Hannah to enter a near fatal cardiac arrhythmia by opening the middle seat thingy so corgan could pop his head through like:

This? This here? This is Corgan’s happy face. (It’s also Hannah’s near Myocardial Infarction face, i.e. Not pretty) Corgan is currently thinking ‘OhBoyOhBoyBeachBeachBeachBeachBeachBeach SQUIRREL BeachBeachBeachIloveyoufortakingmetotheBeachBeachBeach’

As soon as we got there he proceeded to take off like the wind and race straight to the Dunes where he spent the next hour sniffing at questionable looking (and I assume lovely smelling to him) items like it was going out of fashion. Boy oh boy does he love the beach.

Every so often we’d call him, and he’d come back with the most loving look a dog hath ever bestowed on an owner. And then he’d bound back towards the dunes and roll in something smelly.

I, however, acted with slightly more dignity, or so I like to think, and assumed my usual role of ‘the one that gets left behind whilst taking photos’. Here is one of those photos:

I do rather like the beach, despite the grey and wet and windy weather 🙂

We walked back along the water. Corgan tried to drink it. Constantly. He just doesn’t learn, that dog. I fear he picked up Banana’s naivety when I left for College the year we got him. Sigh.  What’s a dog owner to do?!


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