The best-sounding medical terms/jargon/products Part 1

Every so often we come across something that has the most wonderful ring to it. Here are my favourites, what they make me think of, and what they actually are

1. Moxifloxacin: (Mocks–eeeee–flocks–a–sin)

Sounds like: a golden haired rabbit’s name. Is actually: A flouroquinolone.

2. Dysdiadochokinesia

Hah- try saying that one! Ok ok here: Dis–dye–ad–o–ko–kine–eas-ee–aa

3. Peptostreptococci

Sounds like: Fun sweets. Picture an energetic 90s haired kid thrusting the pop box of sweets toward the camera.  Is actually: Bacteria

4. Glomerulopathy

Sounds like: Someone is sad/something to do with bells. Is actually: Disease of the glomeruli in the blasted kidneys

5. Erysipelas (Er–iss–ipp–el–iss)

Sounds like: A character in a fantasy book. Is actually: A well demarcated nasty skin condition

6. Babinski’s reflex

Sounds like: Foreignspeak for baby. Is actually: A reflex associated with UMN Lesion

7. Proximal Myopathy

Sounds like: A good band name. Is actually: Muscle weakness in the near muscles

8. Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism

Its just lovely.

9. Frusemide

Sounds like: A yoghurt. Is actually: A diuretic

10. Rifampicin

Just has a fantastic ring to it.


Sounds like: A breed of dragon. Is actually: Spinal cord cyst

12. Berry aneurysm

It just sounds so pleasant and plump. Its not tho.

13. Bigeminy

Sounds like: An english expression of surprise (e.g. Bigeminy Theodore, the afternoon tea was 46 seconds late today). Is actually: Irregular atrial rhythm

14. Lymphangitis (Limf–ange–ite–is)

Sounds like: Something to do with elephants. Is actually: Inflammation of lymph nodes

15. Eosinophilia

Sounds like: A princess from ye olden times. Is actually: Not. It’s when you have eosinophils! Lots of them

16. Henoch Schonlein Purpura

Sounds like: A phlegmy greeting. Is actually: A type of vasculitis

17. Plasmodium Falciparum

Sounds like: Just has a lovely ring to it. Is actually: Malaria- the bad kind. Fire the quinine into ya.

18.  Cryptosporidiosis

Sounds like: What leaves Superman in trouble. Is actually: What left all the Galwegians in trouble.

19. Gastrocnemius with emphasis on the C (Gas-tro-{k}Neeem-eee- us). You don’t actually pronounce the C

Sounds like: Nothing I’ve ever heard before. Or a flying car from the future. Is actually: a muscle in your leg

20. Amoebae (A-mee-bee)

Sounds like: A personalised insect. Is actually: Plural of Amoeba (ah leaving cert science, how I miss thee)

4 thoughts on “The best-sounding medical terms/jargon/products Part 1

  1. This is hilarious. Julie likes this.

    Add flucloxacillin, macrolide, pleomorphic, and pseudomonas. Macrolide sounds like some kind of sex industry enhancement product…. macrolide, for her pleasure.


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