Our dinner party plan:

So the lovely Jennifer and I have had quite the few chats about the most entertaining dinner party we could have. Our mutual respect for comedic genius has largely influenced this list. In particular a few of the good old Irish comedians and  Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Also influencing our decision was our mutual love of rugby. The ones that don’t fit into these categories really don’t need explanation, lets face it.

We would therefore like to invite the following to dinner:

Ewan McGregor

Charley Boorman

Dara O’Briain

Neil Delamere

Simon Amstell

Josh Groban

Tommy Bowe

Cillian Murphy

Yes. Is that not the best dinner party list you have ever seen? If any of the above see this, you’re invited to dinner with Jennifer and I. Give me a shout and we’ll set it up!

P.S. I’m completely serious.


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